Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Legend's health and the new regime.

Wednesday 6th October 2010.6am-12pm

I am now able to clock in using the finger impression technology.Wow,these are heady days indeed!!

I am building up a good rapport with the slow Somalian and even though its difficult to understand him he's got a dry sense of humour in a Somalian way.

There were plenty of Khat jokes and we have a good one going about the Imman.I am trying to see the Imman to sort out a new contract but he was scarce again.

The Algerian is absolutely pumped at the moment because he is shitting himself about the new Imman.
The unit is having a complete makeover with all pricing present and the "planograms" being followed rigidly.

A fringe member of the Pakistani mafia was present today.I haven't seen him for a while because he's allegedly back at university but you can never tell with this lot; if its the truth or fabricated.

The Legend stumbled into the staff room with the Sun,Mirror, and Star and holding a medical chest of medicines.He is looking very pale and has developed excma around the top of his nose.He had chest pains yesterday and suffers from a serious stomach ulcer as well as diabetes and high blood pressure.He went to see his DR after work and was told he should be admitted to hospital immediately.

However,for some reason only known to him he came to work today.He glugged to large spoons of Gavascon and necked a couple of prescribed pills to keep the ulcer in check.He reckons its flared up because of the stress being created by the new regime.

The cockney scrubber has finally moved out of the family home at the age of 30 and into a house share.She will give it 6 months and if it doesn't work out she will go back home.She appears clinically depressed like a lot of the staff in this place.
Whoopi Goldberg was on the scene today,clad in her surgical gloves.The black MILF with the gold teeth was also around and i offered to help her with a big trolley of books.

The Algerian had to handle the book change over himself because the actor is looking at houses in Norwich with his parents and the queen had to go to the dentist because his bridge fell out.He's worried that the well built black security guard he's obsessed with won't be able to kiss him.Deluded or what? He hasn't even spoken to her and he reckons he's in with a chance.Day off tomorrow and its a big day on the potential property consultancy front.

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