Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Xmas 2010.

13th-22nd December 2010.

Its been a very interesting couple of weeks.Due to the illegal working temperatures the units were 24 hours from closure.Environmental Health were on the brink and the Imman bailed themselves out of trouble by acquiring 2 £20 heaters from Robert Dyas.

However,they still have to provide warm clothing but that's a matter for the New Year.
The Imman's assistant is leaving on Thursday 23rd Decemeber and starting work at Sainsbury's the following day.She's been more talkative in the last few days than the previous 5 months.The Albino reckons she hasn't got a "pussy".Her reasons for leaving are the same as all the good staff in the PLC,"they didn't treat me with respect and took me for granted".She has been travelling 3.5 hours/day for 2 years.

We appear to be the only retailer in the country that doesn't give any bonus or gift to the staff and quite frankly its demoralising.
Ginger has been suspended apparently down to abusive behaviour to a customer and the last i saw of him was in the office being shown CCTV footage of him shouting at a punter.He texted me afterwards and claimed he was suspended for eating half eaten bags of damaged sweets.

There is no Xmas feelgood factor in this place just a sense of negativity.The Eurostar fiasco,which has made headline news across Europe,was ridiculous.
9 hour queues and young children sleeping on station benches in freezing cold temperatures.

The Imman has spent very little time at the stores over the busiest period of the year.Instead he has sent an Asian spy down who is actually a decent bloke but definitely has been sent to keep an eye on us.

I accused the stubby weekend Asian supervisor if being racist after i told him i was Jewish.All the Muslims know now and i will watch them all like a hawk.

The large Pakistani unit lost his father so has flown back to Pakistan and of course there is no one to put away the deliveries.They wouldn't have the brains to get extra staff in over the busy period.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Heater has landed.

Tuesday 7th December 2010.2pm-10pm

I was so pumped up before my shift i forgot to eat lunch and have a hot drink.
I had Environmental Health on standby to read the temperatures of the units and my contact at The Sun waiting for a call and photos of staff wearing coats,scarves,hats,and gloves.

I arrived at 1.30pm with a view to getting support for a mass walkout if the heaters hadn't been bought.The Asian DJ was onside as was BBBW.
The slim Indian cricketer was sitting down in the staff room doing paperwork.The supervisors don't have space in the managers office to do their work so they are surrounded by staff whilst trying to concentrate on their mounds of paperwork.

Sandy Gall bags surfaced and i demanded she ask the Imman's assistant if the heaters had arrived.She refused!! At this point i couldn't control my anger any longer.
"You are my line manager and i'm freezing cold as are all of the evening staff and i want you to deal with this now or you will have no staff working tonight".
This hit her straight between the eyes and she scarpered off to the office looking ashamed and red faced.

10 minutes later i was given a Russell Hobbs heater in a box which i carried proudly to the unit.It's amazing this whole episode came down to this.Apparently,they also had a visit from Camden Council who took temperature readings last Friday and were warned of future conduct.

After my dinner break,in which i consumed 2 meals,I was walking to the toilets with a bunch of carrier bags when i was spotted by the Imman.
"Where are you going with those bags?" he mumbled because he can't talk properly.
"I'm going for a wee and then taking these bags to the unit" i countered.

So,what did i learn today?Nothing that i hadn't worked out within weeks of joining this company.The supervisors are more scared of losing their jobs than the sales assistants and have no power at all.The first instinct of management is to suspect stealing or wrongdoing so that creates a really unhealthy working environment where all parties don't trust the other.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Enough is enough

Monday 6th December 2010.2pm-10pm

Another week has commenced and i have psyched myself up to confront the Imman about the illegal working conditions.

Surely,its time to deal with these bastards and show them we can't be treated like dogs.I clocked in as usual with the normal crew and was already itching for a confrontation.

Before i had the opportunity to deal with the freezing working conditions i noticed 2 people who i had never seen before stroll into the back of house area and proceed to the loading bay.5 minutes later they marched into the manager's office and told them that if they don't comply with the following then you will be closed down.
Basically,they made a snap inspection and were able to walk straight into the back of house area without any questioning.They also picked up a Stanley knife,some bolt cutters and a scanner.
They were from Network Rail and were testing the PLC's non existent procedures.The other issue was that the hallway outside the stock room was full of boxes and stock which is a serious fire hazard.
The tall blonde said,"You've got 24 hours to deal with these problems or we're closing you down".
Within moments this flat faced woman who apparently is helping out strode into the stock room repeating everything i had just heard.The Imman was walking sheepishly around showing no authority.

I was pleased with this situation because i went in for the kill.You know,kick them when they are down.I sat down next to the king's assistant and the conversation unfolded like this,"Its freezing cold,what are you going to do about it?" i said.
"The Imman has been to Argos and they have sold out of heaters" she replied.
"Of course they have sold out,its been the coldest 2 weeks for 50 years.That's typical of you lot,reactive not proactive" i countered.
"There are some heaters at Liverpool Street which the Imman will collect asap."
"The problem is that we are treated like dirt because you are only interested in profits" i continued.
"I don't treat the staff badly" she squirmed.
That was that and i strode off into the station wrapped up with a scarf and gloves.
I relayed the incident to some of the other staff and continued with my work.

I will check the legal temperature allowance under health and safety law and get the unit measured tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The rat,health and safety at work.

Monday - Wednesday 29th November - 1st December 2010.2pm-10pm

The freezing conditions are wreaking havoc with the workforce.Lots of staff off sick and the ones that are braving the illegal working conditions are experiencing mental disintegration.

I fall in to both categories.My health is suffering,i now have a permanent cough with a mucus laden hooter.Whenever,i return home for 4 days after work i recover and then it starts again.All i can say is that,i don't have any choice at the moment and pray that the new ventures will bear fruit.

The Asian DJ has been working on a theory that the black MILF is a "grass".He outlined his case for this theory and it may stack up.Basically,her attitude and quality of work is poor.In fact its at a level where she should have been toasted ages ago.However,she is the longest serving member of the workforce and is untouchable.She keeps £20 notes and too many Ayrton Senna's in her till and has a chip on the shoulder to the punters.Also,she leaves 10 minutes early every day and claims the till clocks are incorrect.The Asian DJ told me of a situation where someone was sacked and she knew all the reasons before the supervisors.Furthermore,the Imman dropped a hint to the DJ that they have "spies" working here.

Eurostar has been suffering major delays and cancellations.An Irish blonde of about 25 burst out crying when the Ginger informed her that they are sending people home who don't need to travel urgently.She was wailing "Its my home what am i going to do?".
"Come back to mine to keep warm" i thought.
I am beginning to spot the regular evening punters.There is a slim Indian with a full set of gnashers who is definitely single but has something about her which is delightful.She always turns down the TPS but is very talkative and is probably yet another single female in their 30's.

The Algerian is back from a 2 week holiday and is very calm but has piled on the poundage and resembles a Hallal turkey.His new obsession is the Xmas products and the decorations.We are now overflowing with crackers,Xmas cards and "Tubes".
He can't let go of these.They are tubes of chocolates or sweets which presumably,judging by his reaction,have healthy profit margins.

The usual suspects are still present.The BBBW is still around and is a very pleasant well mannered girl.The serious Asian who wears a shirt and tie to work even though he's not a supervisor has started coming out of his shell.The Albino is always game for a laugh and has experimented with illegal substances and possibly still partakes in "dacha".
Miss Gall Bags is still flying around with her weather beaten hands and high stress levels.Ginger has a stalker.She is a rotund Latvian who works at one of the coffee shops.He reckons he's told her that he has a girlfriend but she won't let go and its made her more determined to get her wicked way.However,she did sort us out a large hot chocolate to share last night which was needed in the Arctic conditions.

I tried to see the Imman to discuss the possibility of getting heaters in the units but i couldn't track him down.Life goes on.............