Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ticking down the time.

Monday and Tuesday 17th/18th January 2011.

The attractive young lass from head office was in today doing the chocolate displays.
She is about 23/24 with a stunning rack and very cute.She asked for my help in getting her 3 empty skips and i held the ladder while i stared at her firm young bottom.

My concentration wavered for a while whilst i tried to continue my drinks replenishment and rasta boy couldn't focus either.
Anyway,back to work.There are new planograms that need to be implemented.New drinks and tobacco lay outs which the rasta boy and myself undertook.

They are expecting 2 visits this week,one from the well fed area manager and one from the bloke who is more senior than him.
I still haven't heard from the Imman regarding my proposed holiday dates and had a look at his pigeon hole and of course my note was still in the same position as i left it.

I was talking to rasta boy about the use of the staff room as a Mosque for prayer and he told me that Somalian security washes his feet in the sink before prayer.I immediately felt resentment towards him and have thought about coming in with tefillin and tallit to really freak them out.

It looks like the end of March is the cut off date for me here.I may need to look after my daughter because our child care funding has been stopped because of the austerity measures.
However,i still reckon the gov't are doing the right thing with these cuts even though its affecting my family directly.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The stiff

Monday 10th January 2011-Wednesday 12th January 2011.

The stiff has disproved my theory that there is no career path at this company.Within 8 weeks of joining the PLC he is being sent on a management training scheme commencing in March.

His face fitted from day one.He was a manager at PC World so clearly has the requisite experience for the PLC.He is Asian and crucially a "Yes" man.He turned up for work in a shirt and tie and i reckon was promised a rapid promotion.

I congratulated him and of course everyone from Rasta boy to the DJ thinks they are about to get promoted and are angling for a wage increase.

I had an episode with the Imman when i requested some annual leave.I've got 5 days left and have set myself a deadline to leave of March 30th.I need to impose this in order to move on regardless if the 2 business ventures are progressing.

"Can i speak to you about booking some time off please" i said as i entered the office.
"Not now" he replied.
"When then?" i countered.
"You need to complete a holiday request form" he barked.
"I've never seen these forms".
"Let me check how many days you are entitled to and then we will need to ensure that no-one is taking the same days" he rambled.
That was it i wasn't going to put up with this bullshit any longer.
"I work my balls off for this company and its about time you started treating us like adults.Its my son's half term and these are the days i need" i finished.

In the end i wrote the dates down on a scrap of paper and put it in his pigeon hole.
There are a couple of new Muslims on the scene,they are both full time students and the bloke is doing an MBA and has already done his accountancy exams and is only 24.

Sandy Gall bags is away for the 2 weeks and the stiff will be running the show in the evening.The Slovak is skint and has been asking staff to borrow money.I made a reference to Pretty Woman and asked how much she would charge for a night's entertainment.

A night out has been planned with the king's assistant at a roller skating venue in South London.Sandy has put up a sheet of paper on the notice board for us to sign up for the night out.I have signed up along with a few other knobheads and we'll see what happens.The BBBW told me she will go if i go so i put her name down.

Apparently,the DJ had a health scare last Friday.He had heart palpitations and felt dizzy.They called 999 and he was escorted into an ambulance outside the station.He got the all clear and opened up to me how he's had a really hard life and needs to look after himself.I suggested that smoking copious amounts of super strength daft punk can't be doing him any favours.He came out with the classic addicts line of "the paramedic said that it had nothing to do with the weed because i told him i smoked regularly".

The slim Indian cricketer was back and looked like death warmed up.The reason being that his Dad died last week but he was pleased because he made it back home in time and his Dad was 80.

All in all another dreary week,turnover must be down because of the January effect.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year have to get out of here.

Monday 3rd January 2010 - Wednesday 5th January 2010.

A new dawn and only one resolution,to get out of this place.I suppose i must be grateful but working in this environment is affecting my sense of worth.

No Xmas bonus not even a bar of chocolate and yet they still expect us to turn up and perform to the best of our ability.The Imman apparently manages 11 units which explains why he is rarely here.

Since the Imman's assistant left before Xmas,the ordering has been atrocious.Clearly,no-one has assumed responsibility for the ordering because there is nothing left apart from piles of stuff that never gets sold like sugarfree Red Bull and Mountain Dew.

The Plant covers shifts when the Imman isn't around.This bloke is about five foot nothing with an ill fitting cheap suit and a double cuffed shirt that goes over his wrists and are black with dirt.He is more senior than the Algerian and Sandy Gall bags and of course has a poor grasp of the English language.

The Albino,as predicted,isn't coming back to work.He was underpaid last month and has had enough of it and apparently has a mate who works for Watchdog and is reporting the PLC for ill treatment of staff.

Even though Sandy Gall bags comes across as a sweet caring woman who buys sweets and Xmas cards for everyone she is one of them.She gets a buzz out of working like a dog and takes pleasure in telling all of us that,"there are 13 vacancies".
The whining horse is on sick leave,Bruce Lee is on sick leave.

There was an episode with the Algerian that i'm not too proud of.The DJ has been fastracked to the busy unit and in order to facilitate that he needs to present his passport as part of the security process.
The Algerian was fondling the DJ's British passport in his hand and muttering under his breath,"Look look a British Passport.I turned round to him and said"Enjoy it while you can because you will never get one".
Enough said really!!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Post Xmas blues and the usual shtick.

Monday 27th December - Wednesday 29th December 2010.

After a glorious 4 days in Suffolk i returned to the PLC.Staffing levels are even lower than normal because we have bank holiday opening hours.
Its basically the usual evening crew minus the black MILF and Rasta boy.There are no management,so the fast tracked Asian who wears a shirt and tie will be closing up tonight.

The atmosphere was more relaxed than usual and business was slow.This new Asian,who apparently was an assistant manager at PC World has been fast tracked on a non existent career path.
He is a decent bloke,very dilligent and exudes responsiblity.However,a couple of the regular staff phoned in ill.Bruce Lee and the whining Horse.
Apparently,the whining Horse was visiting her sick cousin in hospital when she slipped over and suffered a back injury.Bruce Lee,according to Sandy Gall bags has had tonsilitis and flu for over a week but hasn't been able to get a doctors letter.

What i find interesting is that they sack people for relatively minor offences but if someone is clearly taking the piss with alleged illness they have to go through a mountain of employment law process.

The albino has also claimed illness and the last time i saw him he seemed perfectly ok in the pub supping a pint of swill whilst watching the Arsenal Chelsea game.
The Asian DJ is hammering some serious amounts of daft punk and turns up worse for wear most days.

BBBW is fast gaining a reputation for being lazy but as I told the DJ,"there's a reason why fat people are fat".
The Plant turned up on Wednesday and of course he needs to be observed closely because he reports directly to the Imman.He resembles a weasel and once again has a poor grasp of the Queen's English but somehow has made it to a position of seniority within the PLC.There is a pattern emerging here of compliant individuals,we would call them "yes" men who make it to positions of seniority.Basically,they don't question anything that the Imman says and are just glorified pen pushers.