Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Post Xmas blues and the usual shtick.

Monday 27th December - Wednesday 29th December 2010.

After a glorious 4 days in Suffolk i returned to the PLC.Staffing levels are even lower than normal because we have bank holiday opening hours.
Its basically the usual evening crew minus the black MILF and Rasta boy.There are no management,so the fast tracked Asian who wears a shirt and tie will be closing up tonight.

The atmosphere was more relaxed than usual and business was slow.This new Asian,who apparently was an assistant manager at PC World has been fast tracked on a non existent career path.
He is a decent bloke,very dilligent and exudes responsiblity.However,a couple of the regular staff phoned in ill.Bruce Lee and the whining Horse.
Apparently,the whining Horse was visiting her sick cousin in hospital when she slipped over and suffered a back injury.Bruce Lee,according to Sandy Gall bags has had tonsilitis and flu for over a week but hasn't been able to get a doctors letter.

What i find interesting is that they sack people for relatively minor offences but if someone is clearly taking the piss with alleged illness they have to go through a mountain of employment law process.

The albino has also claimed illness and the last time i saw him he seemed perfectly ok in the pub supping a pint of swill whilst watching the Arsenal Chelsea game.
The Asian DJ is hammering some serious amounts of daft punk and turns up worse for wear most days.

BBBW is fast gaining a reputation for being lazy but as I told the DJ,"there's a reason why fat people are fat".
The Plant turned up on Wednesday and of course he needs to be observed closely because he reports directly to the Imman.He resembles a weasel and once again has a poor grasp of the Queen's English but somehow has made it to a position of seniority within the PLC.There is a pattern emerging here of compliant individuals,we would call them "yes" men who make it to positions of seniority.Basically,they don't question anything that the Imman says and are just glorified pen pushers.

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