Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year have to get out of here.

Monday 3rd January 2010 - Wednesday 5th January 2010.

A new dawn and only one resolution,to get out of this place.I suppose i must be grateful but working in this environment is affecting my sense of worth.

No Xmas bonus not even a bar of chocolate and yet they still expect us to turn up and perform to the best of our ability.The Imman apparently manages 11 units which explains why he is rarely here.

Since the Imman's assistant left before Xmas,the ordering has been atrocious.Clearly,no-one has assumed responsibility for the ordering because there is nothing left apart from piles of stuff that never gets sold like sugarfree Red Bull and Mountain Dew.

The Plant covers shifts when the Imman isn't around.This bloke is about five foot nothing with an ill fitting cheap suit and a double cuffed shirt that goes over his wrists and are black with dirt.He is more senior than the Algerian and Sandy Gall bags and of course has a poor grasp of the English language.

The Albino,as predicted,isn't coming back to work.He was underpaid last month and has had enough of it and apparently has a mate who works for Watchdog and is reporting the PLC for ill treatment of staff.

Even though Sandy Gall bags comes across as a sweet caring woman who buys sweets and Xmas cards for everyone she is one of them.She gets a buzz out of working like a dog and takes pleasure in telling all of us that,"there are 13 vacancies".
The whining horse is on sick leave,Bruce Lee is on sick leave.

There was an episode with the Algerian that i'm not too proud of.The DJ has been fastracked to the busy unit and in order to facilitate that he needs to present his passport as part of the security process.
The Algerian was fondling the DJ's British passport in his hand and muttering under his breath,"Look look a British Passport.I turned round to him and said"Enjoy it while you can because you will never get one".
Enough said really!!

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