Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The stiff

Monday 10th January 2011-Wednesday 12th January 2011.

The stiff has disproved my theory that there is no career path at this company.Within 8 weeks of joining the PLC he is being sent on a management training scheme commencing in March.

His face fitted from day one.He was a manager at PC World so clearly has the requisite experience for the PLC.He is Asian and crucially a "Yes" man.He turned up for work in a shirt and tie and i reckon was promised a rapid promotion.

I congratulated him and of course everyone from Rasta boy to the DJ thinks they are about to get promoted and are angling for a wage increase.

I had an episode with the Imman when i requested some annual leave.I've got 5 days left and have set myself a deadline to leave of March 30th.I need to impose this in order to move on regardless if the 2 business ventures are progressing.

"Can i speak to you about booking some time off please" i said as i entered the office.
"Not now" he replied.
"When then?" i countered.
"You need to complete a holiday request form" he barked.
"I've never seen these forms".
"Let me check how many days you are entitled to and then we will need to ensure that no-one is taking the same days" he rambled.
That was it i wasn't going to put up with this bullshit any longer.
"I work my balls off for this company and its about time you started treating us like adults.Its my son's half term and these are the days i need" i finished.

In the end i wrote the dates down on a scrap of paper and put it in his pigeon hole.
There are a couple of new Muslims on the scene,they are both full time students and the bloke is doing an MBA and has already done his accountancy exams and is only 24.

Sandy Gall bags is away for the 2 weeks and the stiff will be running the show in the evening.The Slovak is skint and has been asking staff to borrow money.I made a reference to Pretty Woman and asked how much she would charge for a night's entertainment.

A night out has been planned with the king's assistant at a roller skating venue in South London.Sandy has put up a sheet of paper on the notice board for us to sign up for the night out.I have signed up along with a few other knobheads and we'll see what happens.The BBBW told me she will go if i go so i put her name down.

Apparently,the DJ had a health scare last Friday.He had heart palpitations and felt dizzy.They called 999 and he was escorted into an ambulance outside the station.He got the all clear and opened up to me how he's had a really hard life and needs to look after himself.I suggested that smoking copious amounts of super strength daft punk can't be doing him any favours.He came out with the classic addicts line of "the paramedic said that it had nothing to do with the weed because i told him i smoked regularly".

The slim Indian cricketer was back and looked like death warmed up.The reason being that his Dad died last week but he was pleased because he made it back home in time and his Dad was 80.

All in all another dreary week,turnover must be down because of the January effect.

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