Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Xmas 2010.

13th-22nd December 2010.

Its been a very interesting couple of weeks.Due to the illegal working temperatures the units were 24 hours from closure.Environmental Health were on the brink and the Imman bailed themselves out of trouble by acquiring 2 £20 heaters from Robert Dyas.

However,they still have to provide warm clothing but that's a matter for the New Year.
The Imman's assistant is leaving on Thursday 23rd Decemeber and starting work at Sainsbury's the following day.She's been more talkative in the last few days than the previous 5 months.The Albino reckons she hasn't got a "pussy".Her reasons for leaving are the same as all the good staff in the PLC,"they didn't treat me with respect and took me for granted".She has been travelling 3.5 hours/day for 2 years.

We appear to be the only retailer in the country that doesn't give any bonus or gift to the staff and quite frankly its demoralising.
Ginger has been suspended apparently down to abusive behaviour to a customer and the last i saw of him was in the office being shown CCTV footage of him shouting at a punter.He texted me afterwards and claimed he was suspended for eating half eaten bags of damaged sweets.

There is no Xmas feelgood factor in this place just a sense of negativity.The Eurostar fiasco,which has made headline news across Europe,was ridiculous.
9 hour queues and young children sleeping on station benches in freezing cold temperatures.

The Imman has spent very little time at the stores over the busiest period of the year.Instead he has sent an Asian spy down who is actually a decent bloke but definitely has been sent to keep an eye on us.

I accused the stubby weekend Asian supervisor if being racist after i told him i was Jewish.All the Muslims know now and i will watch them all like a hawk.

The large Pakistani unit lost his father so has flown back to Pakistan and of course there is no one to put away the deliveries.They wouldn't have the brains to get extra staff in over the busy period.

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