Thursday, 2 December 2010

The rat,health and safety at work.

Monday - Wednesday 29th November - 1st December 2010.2pm-10pm

The freezing conditions are wreaking havoc with the workforce.Lots of staff off sick and the ones that are braving the illegal working conditions are experiencing mental disintegration.

I fall in to both categories.My health is suffering,i now have a permanent cough with a mucus laden hooter.Whenever,i return home for 4 days after work i recover and then it starts again.All i can say is that,i don't have any choice at the moment and pray that the new ventures will bear fruit.

The Asian DJ has been working on a theory that the black MILF is a "grass".He outlined his case for this theory and it may stack up.Basically,her attitude and quality of work is poor.In fact its at a level where she should have been toasted ages ago.However,she is the longest serving member of the workforce and is untouchable.She keeps £20 notes and too many Ayrton Senna's in her till and has a chip on the shoulder to the punters.Also,she leaves 10 minutes early every day and claims the till clocks are incorrect.The Asian DJ told me of a situation where someone was sacked and she knew all the reasons before the supervisors.Furthermore,the Imman dropped a hint to the DJ that they have "spies" working here.

Eurostar has been suffering major delays and cancellations.An Irish blonde of about 25 burst out crying when the Ginger informed her that they are sending people home who don't need to travel urgently.She was wailing "Its my home what am i going to do?".
"Come back to mine to keep warm" i thought.
I am beginning to spot the regular evening punters.There is a slim Indian with a full set of gnashers who is definitely single but has something about her which is delightful.She always turns down the TPS but is very talkative and is probably yet another single female in their 30's.

The Algerian is back from a 2 week holiday and is very calm but has piled on the poundage and resembles a Hallal turkey.His new obsession is the Xmas products and the decorations.We are now overflowing with crackers,Xmas cards and "Tubes".
He can't let go of these.They are tubes of chocolates or sweets which presumably,judging by his reaction,have healthy profit margins.

The usual suspects are still present.The BBBW is still around and is a very pleasant well mannered girl.The serious Asian who wears a shirt and tie to work even though he's not a supervisor has started coming out of his shell.The Albino is always game for a laugh and has experimented with illegal substances and possibly still partakes in "dacha".
Miss Gall Bags is still flying around with her weather beaten hands and high stress levels.Ginger has a stalker.She is a rotund Latvian who works at one of the coffee shops.He reckons he's told her that he has a girlfriend but she won't let go and its made her more determined to get her wicked way.However,she did sort us out a large hot chocolate to share last night which was needed in the Arctic conditions.

I tried to see the Imman to discuss the possibility of getting heaters in the units but i couldn't track him down.Life goes on.............

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