Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Heater has landed.

Tuesday 7th December 2010.2pm-10pm

I was so pumped up before my shift i forgot to eat lunch and have a hot drink.
I had Environmental Health on standby to read the temperatures of the units and my contact at The Sun waiting for a call and photos of staff wearing coats,scarves,hats,and gloves.

I arrived at 1.30pm with a view to getting support for a mass walkout if the heaters hadn't been bought.The Asian DJ was onside as was BBBW.
The slim Indian cricketer was sitting down in the staff room doing paperwork.The supervisors don't have space in the managers office to do their work so they are surrounded by staff whilst trying to concentrate on their mounds of paperwork.

Sandy Gall bags surfaced and i demanded she ask the Imman's assistant if the heaters had arrived.She refused!! At this point i couldn't control my anger any longer.
"You are my line manager and i'm freezing cold as are all of the evening staff and i want you to deal with this now or you will have no staff working tonight".
This hit her straight between the eyes and she scarpered off to the office looking ashamed and red faced.

10 minutes later i was given a Russell Hobbs heater in a box which i carried proudly to the unit.It's amazing this whole episode came down to this.Apparently,they also had a visit from Camden Council who took temperature readings last Friday and were warned of future conduct.

After my dinner break,in which i consumed 2 meals,I was walking to the toilets with a bunch of carrier bags when i was spotted by the Imman.
"Where are you going with those bags?" he mumbled because he can't talk properly.
"I'm going for a wee and then taking these bags to the unit" i countered.

So,what did i learn today?Nothing that i hadn't worked out within weeks of joining this company.The supervisors are more scared of losing their jobs than the sales assistants and have no power at all.The first instinct of management is to suspect stealing or wrongdoing so that creates a really unhealthy working environment where all parties don't trust the other.

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