Monday, 6 December 2010

Enough is enough

Monday 6th December 2010.2pm-10pm

Another week has commenced and i have psyched myself up to confront the Imman about the illegal working conditions.

Surely,its time to deal with these bastards and show them we can't be treated like dogs.I clocked in as usual with the normal crew and was already itching for a confrontation.

Before i had the opportunity to deal with the freezing working conditions i noticed 2 people who i had never seen before stroll into the back of house area and proceed to the loading bay.5 minutes later they marched into the manager's office and told them that if they don't comply with the following then you will be closed down.
Basically,they made a snap inspection and were able to walk straight into the back of house area without any questioning.They also picked up a Stanley knife,some bolt cutters and a scanner.
They were from Network Rail and were testing the PLC's non existent procedures.The other issue was that the hallway outside the stock room was full of boxes and stock which is a serious fire hazard.
The tall blonde said,"You've got 24 hours to deal with these problems or we're closing you down".
Within moments this flat faced woman who apparently is helping out strode into the stock room repeating everything i had just heard.The Imman was walking sheepishly around showing no authority.

I was pleased with this situation because i went in for the kill.You know,kick them when they are down.I sat down next to the king's assistant and the conversation unfolded like this,"Its freezing cold,what are you going to do about it?" i said.
"The Imman has been to Argos and they have sold out of heaters" she replied.
"Of course they have sold out,its been the coldest 2 weeks for 50 years.That's typical of you lot,reactive not proactive" i countered.
"There are some heaters at Liverpool Street which the Imman will collect asap."
"The problem is that we are treated like dirt because you are only interested in profits" i continued.
"I don't treat the staff badly" she squirmed.
That was that and i strode off into the station wrapped up with a scarf and gloves.
I relayed the incident to some of the other staff and continued with my work.

I will check the legal temperature allowance under health and safety law and get the unit measured tomorrow.

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