Thursday, 25 November 2010

Fake accents and the albino's chat up lines.

Tuesday and Wednesday 23rd and 24th November 2010.2pm-10pm

These 2 days have paired me with the albino and the Asian DJ.I also spent some time with the black MILF,who was very perky.

On Tuesday she was wearing lots of fake bling including a pair of fake bling knuckle dusters.She starting speaking basic French to all the punters and persuaded me to speak in a range of foreign accents.It was a bizarre situation where i found myself trying Welsh,American and Australian accents.

We had a laugh but of course there will always be punters who take these events far too seriously and get stressed out and take out their frustrating lives on us.They treat us like whipping boys.

The MILF has a classic ripe black body.She is 38 and likes boxing,basketball and most music genres.She is about 5'4 with a peach shaped bum and a reasonable rack.She has started opening up but stops short at the real meat of her life which is how has she ended up being a single mother.
As usual the French women lapped up the basic French and normally turn around just as they leave the unit and smile warmly.

The albino is an interesting character.He's 31 and has been in a serious car accident for which he received a large lump of wonga as compensation.That's the reason he has the twitches.However,he tries it on with the women and will go as far as asking for phone numbers.He's been in a relationship with a Hungarian single mother for 2 years and like me has tried most things once.

The Algerian is still away and if he saw the state of the unit he would have kittens.
The shelves are half full because we can't be bothered to replenish in the usual quantities.

My health is rapidly deteriorating and i have developed a hacking cough which is more similar to a 40/day smoker aged 75.I hope that the property consultancy work that i have agreed verbally comes off otherwise they may have to carry me out of this place with an oxygen mask.

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