Saturday, 13 November 2010

The sick smoker

Tuesday and Wednesday 10th/11th November 2pm-10pm

The first punter i served was a black woman of about 30 who approached the till holding her throat tightly.
"20 Marlboro Lights and a lighter please".
"Are you sure you want cigarettes with your sore throat?"
She collapsed in a fit of laughter.This sowed a seed of doubt in her brain and for a moment she considered cancelling the order but like all good nicotine addicts completed her purchase.

The romeo and i were together and were joined by a rebellious lad who will be known as The Chip.The reason for this is his prickly attitude and large potato chip on his shoulder.He has worked for the PLC for a while in different locations and the Imman's assistant has brought him back in on a 20 hour/week contract.

The romeo is an interesting character because he has the corniest lines i have ever heard from any man anywhere in the world.Here is a sample:

"Can i ask you a question?"
"What conditioner do you use?"
"Excuse me do you wear contact lenses?"
Lady replies "no" romeo replies "your eyes are beautiful".

The irony of all this is that he maybe a homo sexual.He is single and this flirtacious could be a cover for his rampant homosexuality but i'll keep you posted on this.

The phone rang and it was the Imman's assistant."Send the chip to come and see me please" she asked.
I knew immediately there was a problem.The Chip went to the main unit and never returned.About 20 minutes later he returned to say his goodbye's.He had been sacked for not putting his mobile and travel card in his locker.Apparently,on Monday night he was searched by the long streak of piss and they found his phone and travel card on his person.
They still made him come to work the next day and toasted him,bloody ruthless.

Anyway,life goes on and it was a warning shot by the management just to show us who runs this show.

A pleasant Estonian appeared and i mistook her for a French hottie.Then she asked for a phone top up and i got that wrong as well.Then she asked for some help with her phone top up and i got that wrong again.However,i cheekily asked her if she would pay me a visit,she declined.

I dined with BBBW and she only eats bagels.She is a bit frisky and like all big breasted well built women is up for a some fun and games.My experience with large breasted women has taught me that they are very willing and grateful when they get an offer they can't refuse.

Slovak was a bit quiet and i think she is getting rogered on a regular basis.Her facial glow has returned and she is weird looking.Apart from her great rack there isn't anything else to her apart from the Sarah Palin glasses thing going on.

Sandy Gall bags is the most hardworking woman i have ever worked with.She was hoovering and cleaning one of the units on her own and didn't even look tired.

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