Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The comedian.

Tuesday 2nd November 2010.2pm-10pm

Afther the family mediation session with HRH i found myself arriving early for work when i bumped into the Slovak.She was having a pre-shift cigarette and coffee.It was an ideal opportunity to delve into her life and find out what makes her tick.

She is a smart girl and hardworking and knows that she is wasting her time at the PLC.Her ambition is to go into childcare.

When i arrive Sandy Gall bags gives me an hour by hour schedule which i attempt to follow by the minute but of course you can't legislate for incidents that crop up.
The romeo was with me again and a round Muslim girl in full regalia.

I undertook some serious manual labour today which involved 2 replenishments and shlepping huge boxes of sweets and drinks.

Towards the end of the day a flighty blonde approached the till.She was about 35 with a reasonable complexion but oozing sexual awareness.It was time to strike.

"10 Marlboro Lights and a lighter please" she said
"Do you want a red one because i reckon its your favourite colour" i replied.
"Actually my favourite colour is purple" she retorted
By now she was hooked in and there was a queue building.The romeo was counting the unsold papers but watching the situation unfold.
"Why did you think that red was my favourite coulour" she teased.
"Your nail varnish and purse are red,is there anything else that you have on that is red" i pushed.
"You are very funny babe has it been a long day?" she enquired.
"My shift is nearly over and i like to analyse beautiful women like you"
"Wow,it sounds like you have fun here babe,where do you live?" she ventured.
"Not far away,what are you upto now?" i asked
"Going outside to have a fag babe"
"Have you ever thought of being a comedian babe you remind me of Jack Dee?" she gushed.

Then,as usual the queue caused the conversation to finish and she walked off into the night smiling.I wonder if she will be back tomorrow.

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