Monday, 15 November 2010

BBBW is keen.

Monday 15th November 2010.2pm-10pm

Just made in time where i was greeted by the usual suspects.Sandy Gall bags handed me the schedule for the shift and off i went.

Rasta boy is back from his 2 weeks off and is more angry and resentful than ever.He hasn't heard back from 2 interviews he went to last month and is cursing at every opportunity.He can sometimes be downright rude and then moments later call male punters "boss" and female punters "darling".
However,there is no doubt about it that this job is squeezing the life out of him.He told me today that if he wasn't working he would be robbing people.He is even considering applying for a job at Tesco's just to get out of the PLC.

The black MILF worked with us for an hour and a half with her silver teeth shining in the bright spotlights.She makes a strange sound whilst waiting for a response from punters.

I dined with the young BBBW and she provocatively asked me what i did over the weekend.She has no idea i'm married with 2 kids and when i told her that i had dinner with an ex employee but nothing untoward happened,she was hooked.
I have offered to buy her dinner at work tomorrow and throughout the rest of the evening she was asking me "what are you buying me?"

Apparently,the Slovak has been promoted to a newspaper supervisor and subsequently now works in the mornings.What a sly old dog she is!!I discussed this with her last week and she told me that she wasn't interested.The albino is back on the day shifts so he will be in 6pm-10pm every night which will be a laugh.

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