Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Return to work

Monday 1st November 2010.2pm-10pm.

I have returned to work today after a week in a freezing cold run down cottage in the middle of Suffolk.We all came back ill and i have foolishly decided to come to work.
These will be my new hours on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesdays only.One of the reasons i have gone for these new hours is to check out the Slovak sex bomb in a bit more detail.
Of course,in my absence some new staff have appeared.We have Sandy Gall bags,Slovak sex bomb,the asian DJ,new BBBW,Indian stiff and the romeo.
BBBW is big breasted black woman who is large but not that large if you know what i mean!!
The Indian stiff was wearing a shirt and tie and has been there 2 weeks.It was the Slovak's birthday today and she had nothing planned for after work and Sandy Gall bag's had bought her a gift and card.They are a bit like mother and daughter.Basically,if you want to get to the Slovak then you have to get past the dog leaving saddo that is Sandy Gall bags.

I was working with the romeo which i knew would be fun but at the same time frustrating because his command of the English language is moderate.We lacked the spark we had in the summer probably because all the women are covered up but i have made a decision to hammer the TPS because Sandy is very strict on those things.

Everyone made we feel welcome after my week away and i think the black MILF reckons i'm unattached because she spoke to me more today than she has done in the previous 5 months.

The rotweiller called me in for a chat about general till performance and i signed another famous sheet incriminating me.I take him with a pinch of salt because he really is deluded that boy.He thinks he's management already but i admire his bullshit and enthusiasm for the retail industry.

The evening shifts are manic until about 8.30pm.The Slovak came round ordering us about and i have noticed she has a funny walk.She could be bow legged and is also very excitable.

The TPS went well and i am interested to see what results i score in the premier league table.BBBW travels in from Canning Town and appears very pleasant but is regretting the travelling time to and from work.
I had a coughing fit whilst dealing with a large queue of punters which was very embarassing.I took my break and composed myself.The romeo was very concerned and kept on saying "OOOh la la" in his french tone.

I was thinking about asking the Slovak out for a birthday drink but my instinct told me that would be completely wrong.

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