Monday, 8 November 2010


Monday 8th November 2010.2pm-10pm

I'm enjoying these evening shifts because i don't have the Algerian hovering over me and the women staff are more interesting.

The BBBW is about 20 years old and about to complete a degree in social work.However,i have to be careful not to lead her down the garden path.The Slovak has exczma on her thumb which is incredibly off putting and wears a pair of black trousers which are frayed at the bottoms.I told her that the trousers aren't acceptable and she promised me she would wear her new pair tomorrow.

Anyway,back to the BBBW.I had a good look at her today and just like most large girls if she lost 2 stone she would be highly desirable but i don't care about that.
Her Bristols are very large and resemble a couple of overweight water melons.

I took her into the loading bay today and gave her a guided tour of the recycling bins and showed her how to dispose of the rubbish.She asked me what would happen if she got locked into the loading bay.I told her i would save her!!

2 hours later i was completing a replenishment in the stock room and she appeared from nowhere and smiled shyly.
"Are you stalking me?" i asked.
"Do you want me to?" she ventured.

I thought she had left the stock room so i started talking to myself when she appeared again and said "Did you know its the first sign of madness?"
"Yes,i'm fully aware thank you,do you want to give me a hand getting the Liquorice allsorts off the top shelf?" i continued.
"I'm actually looking for some peanuts could you help me?" she requested.
"Certainly" we both crouched down as i showed her the peanut shelf and as i left the stock room i looked back and saw her squatting with her shapely booty hugging her tight black trousers.It definitely helped pass the time of day.

The romeo was on top form as usual with constant female giggling coming from his till.
The Slovak arrived at 9pm to do the sandwich and juice count and apart from her impressive breasts she hasn't got much else going for her.

Sandy Gall bags closed the shop as usual and apparently she lived on the Costa Brava for 19 years and came back to the UK in 2007 when the Spanish economy dived.

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