Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bye Bye long serving Somalian

Wednesday 23rd June 2010.8am - 4pm

When my wife asked me last night how was work toady?
I foolishly told her that it was very difficult to concentrate because of the breasts that were on show at work."Don't forget you are married" she replied sheepishly.

Another day at the PLC and as usual the double act were present to greet me.The Algerian usually surfaces early on to make sure that i'm there on time and preparing a tobacco order.

The big news of the day was the long serving Somalian has handed in his notice and has got a job with a prestige car insurance company in West Hampstead.He finally started to come out of his shell by looking at scantilly clad women.

Wednesday is book day so the pressure The Algerian exerts is intense.The french queen was under the cosh to get the books out and with the instant promotions on board.

I was accused by a customer of giving her incorrect change.She happened to be a manager of another retailer within the station and also exceptionally ugly.
"I want you to cash up now because i'm right and you're wrong" she demanded.
"I can't do that right now" i replied with a huge queue of hungry lunchtime customers.
"I will come back at 3.30pm to sort this out" she continued.

Off i went to the cash office and told them the problem.They have a camera directly on my till,which i didn't know until today.It was proved i was correct and the hard nosed Pole didn't apologise when she popped in later.
I tickled the fancy of a tall well built lady of abot 40 and she wouldn't leave me alone at the till.Its strictly out of bounds,in the heat some of these mature women get a bit frisky.

I tried to hammer the TPS today but in this heat no-one in their right mind buys chocolate but the fruitellas did ok.

Fat Indian bird was sweating even more,as the temperature rises outdoors she sweats more profusely.Today i noticed that she takes her shoes off behind the counter and she seems to think that i'm the new fridge monitor.I confronted her on this and she knew that i'd rumbled her.

3pm kick off and i'm serving customers in one of the busiest stations in London and desperate to find out the score and where i'll watch the second half.Luckily a woman gets a text as Defoe scored.I ran to the nearest Ladbrokes withe the cricketing Pakistani and watched the end of the game.

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