Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup Hangover and Ginsters

Monday 29th June 2010.8am -4pm

7.30am arrived and the station felt flat,the country is depressed.Its a shame because a good run in the World Cup would have given us a bit of national identity back.
Summoned to the usual berth,French queen in Belgium for 2 weeks and long serving Somalian is de-mob happy.There's a new deal today and its quite complex in terms of the till operations and everyone is panicking.
"Do me a favour they are very busy in the large unit please go there for the rest of the day" The Algerian grunted.

Now that's a result,re-united with the Cockney Scrubber and an opportunity to work with a company legend,the hooded Gooner.Hooded because he's so knackered he slouches at the till with his eyes half closed.But he's a gooner so i wasted no time in telling him we bat for the same time.This guy even knows more than i do about the Arsenal.He knew that the Nigerian isn't buying Lady Nina Bracewell Smith's stake and apparently Eduardo is off to Lyon.However,he is a big cynic of life.
"Private doctors are butchers" he wailed.
"My nephew nearly died and we're suing them" he continued.
"The World Cup has been good for Arsenal because all the players will be back for pre-season on time apart from RVP."
The King was very agitated today because the new deal wasn't working properly and he was probably getting pressure from head office.The King's assistant was under severe pressure as well and of course that filtered down to all of us.

The Ginger Ginster arrived,he is the man from Ginster's who produce all the pies.We do a reasonable trade in packaged pies.
I then made a mistake which could have resulted in the boot.
This guy from Ginsters was an absolute classic nerd,a cross between Jasper Carrott and spoke like a paedophile.
" I need someone to sign for the Ginsters" he demanded.
"Ok i'll do it" i replied enthusiastically.
We walked over to the fridge and he had a large box of Ginster's and one of those gadgets that couriers make you sign.
"Ok i'll count you check the list" he said.
"4 chicken and mushy pies,3 steak lattice,6 Cornish,5 steak and onion...." he loved it.This bloke is made for counting pies.I signed the remote gadget and thought nothing of it.We were short staffed and the slim Indian cricketer was showing signs of a sub conscious melt down.
"Who signed for the Ginsters" The King demanded.
I ran over to the fridge and saw all the Ginster's in a box on the floor in 30 degree heat.I shoved them in the relevant sections and off i went.Still no break and 5.5 hours into the shift.
" Why did you sign for the Ginster's" the king said aggressively.
"Tell me the exact process with the ginger Ginster".
"He counted the pies and I signed for them but realised that they weren't put back into the fridge just now" I replied confidently.
"Right you aren't qualified to deal with the Ginsters,you've had no pie training" he said straight faced.
"No-one tells me anything,however i'm sorry i won't touch the Ginster's again" i ventured.
"He's had us over" the King told me.

20 minute break because i'm a team player and i like the slim Indian cricketer and he scored a century yesterday.

At 2pm my day got a whole lot better.The Asian babe who i had clocked last week joined me for the final 2 hour slot.I'd been very curious about her and couldn't believe my luck.

I introduced myself and started the standard banter of all members of staff.
"What are your hours,how long have you been here etc etc".

She is about 20 years old 5'4 immaculately dressed with long black hair and an ample young firm bosom and has brains.
She was complaining about her feet hurting so i suggested a pair of gel heel inners and inner soles.She liked that.The area behind the till is very narrow so we bumped into each other a few times.I told her my career plans and she told me hers (medicine) and foolishly told her i had 2 kids!!

The fat Indian arrived and winked at me in the normal way.The new deal was becoming a fiasco.Asian babe had a problem executing the instructions and it took the King and 4 cohorts 20 minutes to give a punter a refund and people wonder why the level of service has declined dramatically over the last 15 years.

I looked at the till it was 4pm,the afternoon had flown by.
"Have a nice evening" she said.
"Its been a pleasure working with you and hopefully we're working together tomorrow" i replied.

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