Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"Stock Take"

Monday 21st June 2010.8am - 4pm

Arrived slightly early and was as stiff as a poker.My cricketing exploits yesterday with the bat meant that my muscles had tightened overnight and my mobility was severely impaired.

Things back to normal today,back into the smaller unit where it all began.It was good to see the French queen and the long serving Somalian.The Algerian was walking around pulling everyone's shirts claiming that was an impression of all the England players in Friday's game.He did this all day eventually i told him its not funny but he still kept on doing it."Why are you pleased with a draw, you will never have a better opportunity of beating England" i said."Our striker hasn't scored for 6 months" he replied."Sounds like Heskey" i replied.

When i start till work the queen and the Somalian go into huddles near the fridges and complain about everyone and everything.They are obsessed by cages.These are the large metal variety on wheels that transport the stock around the station.They couldn't stop talking about cages.

I'm beginning to think that the queen could be bi-sexual.He has been watching the actions of a Polish blonde and told us that she sometimes buys condoms and could be a "Tom".For those of you who don't understand,Tom = prostitute.

The King surfaced at lunchtime with his assistant trailing after him which is the normal process.She walks with arms folded over her breasts,infact that's the only way she walks."Its a stock take today so get all stock out to the front and clear any old supplements from the cupboards."I put in a serious stint in clearing out the weekend supplements and putting them on the cage.They are very impressive specimens those cages,no-one messes with you when you're wheeling one of those around.

2pm,fat Indian bird arrived,she's completed her work for the MBA.She has the largest ear lobes on a woman i have ever seen and of course has the standard hairy lip which glistens with sweat when its busy.

I tried to get some payroll info from the King's assistant but she was too busy with the stock take.I told her its really important but she wouldn't back down.Another day completed with my sanity intact.

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