Monday, 6 September 2010

Boring Boring Boring

Monday 6th September 2010.7am-2pm

Its a big week this week but the 7am starts make a big difference.
I was shunted up to the dead unit and feared the worst.A day in that place is enough to make Paul McKenna depressed.

Its ugly and old Nothern women with the occasional Eurostar straggler.The Algerian's cold has taken a turn for the worse.He now has a full beard and was wearing two fleece tops zipped up to the neck.

"Are you still unwell?" i ventured.
"Its terrrible mate,i was just about to leave a message for the king and tell him i can't work when the queen called me and said he couldn't come in" he replied.

I felt sympathy for him,he works his balls off for the PLC and doesn't realise that his health is more important.Ramadan hasn't finished yet so he's in a bad way.

It was the usual shtick.Running between the cage of stock and the till like a demented fool.However,it was so quiet i managed to read most of the papers and especially liked the Wayne Rooney story.

I also asked the Algerian to have a word with the king's assistant about some new hours.He will try and help and because he likes having me working on his shift hopefully he will swing it.

There was no excitement today and no attractive women to write about.

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