Friday, 10 September 2010

The return of Bollywood

Friday 10th September 2010.7am-2pm

Somehow i'm still managing to get out of bed in the morning for this demeaning worthless job.3 hours in the mortuary with hardly any punters to serve but a good reading session in which all the broadsheets were devoured wigth the hunger of someone whose brain is turning lazy.

Thank god i was released from my purgatory when Ebony turned up at 10am.A swift 30 minutes in the usual unit was followed by a break where i dined with the Asian Terry Thomas who once again was speaking pigeon English.

There were no staff and the 2 Algerians had manipulated a night shift because of the end of Ramadan.They finished at 7.30am and were both clean shaven and looking reasonably smart.The queen had also been in since 2am and they hadn't allowed him a break because they were obsessed about stuffing their fat faces with food.

The actor was present until 12 and as usual was his normal self.No conversation and lots of "arrrrr" noises.I tried to engage with him but to no avail.The king's assistant had prepared a cage which i duly drove to the unit and distributed accordingly.The actor helped me and just as he was leaving i forced him to take back the empty cage with 3 bags of rubbish in situ.He looked reluctant but i used the King as a threat to him.So,it now looks like i've started taking advantage of him and its perfectly acceptable because he's so bloody gormless.

The day was brightened up when Bollywood arrived wearing an oversized standard T shirt advertising chewing gum.She has a cold and chesty cough.I remarked that the pink T shirt was more attractive,what i didn't add was that it showed off her breasts more.

Once again she was tired and admits she's a very lazy woman/girl.
It was all over again and each day my life has started flashing before me in this place.I need to come up with another plan because another 6 months in here could result in me losing my mind.

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