Monday, 27 September 2010

First day of the new regime...

Monday 27th September 2010.6am-12pm

The mornings are getting colder and darker.The 5.24am from Swiss Cottage is very reliable and there is a regular crew on the bus at that time of day.Presumably,most of them are like me,shift workers.

It was supposed to be the first day of the new manager but the Algerian informed me that he won't be starting until next week.
The good news is that the Algerian is going to Paris tomorrow for 5 days to stay with some Algerian terrorists.

It was the queen and the actor for the duration of the shift.I felt very relaxed today because this job is just so bloody easy.
The English girl with French glamour appeared after a 2 month absence.She's been working nights for a while,we exchanged pleasantries and she went on her way.

I was bored so i played a trick on the actor.We have a policy where you are only allowed to keep £5 notes and 4 x £10 notes in the till.If there are any other notes in the till the mangagement can serve a disciplinary on the staff.The actor always leaves his till overflowing with readies.

I told him that there is a massive clampdown on till management and if they find you with the incorrect number of £10 in the till then they will give you a warning.He fell for it hook,line and sinker.He made his usual "aaaarrrr" noises and enquired as to whom can give the warnings.
I suggested he clears the till out asap because the Algerian is on the war path.Immediately,he distributed the excess wonga into the counter cash boxes under every till.

I didn't have a break today because the scheduling was disorganised.I have made a note and will let the king's assistant know.

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