Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Tuesday 28th September 2010.6am-12pm

The Algerian is away this week and i felt the release of pressure that was evident in his absence.

As usual i was paired with the actor,the queen and slow Somalian.The queen,due to his longevity at the PLC,was running the show and trying to organise breaks and tasks.He did ok but required my input when it came to specifics.

The highlight of the day was having a set to with the rotweiller.Word is going around that the new manager is a complete bastard,but because he's from Bangladesh and a Muslim,the fellow brothers are feeling comfortable.The non-Muslims need to be vigilant.

There has been an ongoing problem with the tills.They very rarely have all elements working at the same time and recently the till drawers haven't been opening at all.Basically,we can serve a punter and take their cash and the till won't open so we can't give them change.Its a ridiculous situation and embarrasing for the sales assistants.The actor has been the victim this week and is made to look even more stupid than normal when his till doesn't open.I arrive for work slightly early in order to claim the best till,this is what it's come to!!

Engineers have been called out and last week i spent 30 minutes following instructions on the phone whilst crouching on a filthy floor fiddling with wires.

3 Muslims strode into the unit at approximately 11am,they were the rotweiller,the slim Indian cricketer and the Sri Lankan night supervisor.They walked in like they owned the place.I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to raise the till situation again.

I summoned the rotweiller to the counter and said,"There is another problem with the till,what's going on?"
"The fault has been reported" he added.
"According to the engineer i spoke to last week,no-one has reported any faults since April" i continued.I was buzzing and spoiling for a confrontation.
"They are talking bull shit" he said defensively.
"Its your word against there's and if you think i'm going to crawl around on the floor dealing with your issues then forget it" i retorted.
"You have to do that" he ventured.
"According to who? You or the management" i snapped.
In a state of bewilderment all he could offer was "the parts have been ordered".
"Why didn't you tell us,we're very busy at the front line and quite frankly the situation is a joke" i said.
"We haven't got time to tell you these things" he replied.

That was that,off he trotted with the Muslim mafia and i would stake a months wages on him slagging off the "white boy" to the clique.

I felt empowered because these Muslim's think they own the place and i will not back down.Slow boy witnessed the incident and said"well done,i could never stand up for myself like that".

Roll on Thursay when i have a meeting with a major player in the old career who called out of the blue after 18 months.I need to get out of this place before there is a Holy War.

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