Monday, 6 September 2010

Contract Negotiations

Friday 3rd September 2010.2pm-6pm

Its the last day of the short shifts and i have made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of the PLC for at least the next 12 months.

I had a quick chat with the sex bomb and took 2 fruitellas from her.She smiled seductively as i walked out of the staff room.

Sandy Gall bags was her usual bubbly self and i told her that i would now like a permanent full time position.She said she would tell the king's assistant and try and help me out.

I proceeded to the usual unit and was greeted by the Noel Clarke extra who i hadn't worked with since i trained him up all those weeks ago.

He's an ok bloke.He is grateful to have a job whilst maintaining the manufactured street image of lots of young London males.

He doesn't have the confidence or desire to undertake banter with the punters.He also has his mobile with him and is regularly sending emails and texts on his crackberry.

Its amazing that almost everyone from lowly paid workers to senior executives now possesses a blackberry.All i know is that when i had one it took over my life and nearly cost me my marriage.

The phone went and my stomach doesn't turn over anymore because i'm so comfortable in this job.

The king's assistant asked me what hours i would like next week and i told her about my change of circumstances.I requested a permanent full time position and preferably 6am-2pm 4 days a week.

After a short silence she uttered the immortal line,"I will play with the figures and come back to you".

This is a line she uses regularly and of course is a ploy used by management in all sectors to buy time.

I hope it works out but the uncertainty will have an impact on my weekend.

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