Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tube Strike

Tuesday 7th September 2010.7am-2pm

An early start again and left home in plenty of time to avoid the predictable road chaos.

Arrived on time and once again was summoned to the quiet unit.The Algerian had finally taken a day off,which was well deserved.

Of course this meant that all the early crew were more relaxed.The queen came up to my unit with the albino.He still hasn't plucked up the courage to ask out the burly black female security guard.He is very insecure around the women and uses me as a sounding board.I told him that unless he asks her on a date then she will never know that he likes her.

The albino was being very crude as usual which isn't in keeping with the principles of Ramadan.Fortunately,the black MILF arrived at 10am at which point i went for my break.

The legend was munching on some budget scones from Lidl and we somehow started talking about heavyweight boxing.Obviously,this descended into savage criticism of great fighters.

He doesn't rate Lennox Lewis and called him a "lazy fighter".Apparently,its easy to win an Olympic gold medal.I made my excuses and went to investigate the possibility of going to Finchley to collect my boy from school after work.The Northern Line was running normally so i called HID (her in doors) to tell her the good news that i would be collecting him.

I returned to the other unit where i met the actor and the queen.Business was much slower today so there wasn't much hard graft to do.I like the hard grunt because it makes the shift go quicker.

I got talking to a lovely Canadian cougar who was in London overnight before flying home tomorrow.I have noticed that a lot of women don't wear bra's especially foreign women.

The shift was over and i walked briskly to Euston station to make my way to the suburbs.

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