Friday, 3 September 2010

Slovakian stripper.

Thursday 2nd September 2010.2pm-10pm

I had agreed to work more hours today but was reeling from the news that i will have to pay full tuition fees if i wish to undertake the 3 year full time degree.

I was cheered up by the site of the Slovakian sex bomb in the staff room.She hasn't batted an eyelid at me in all the time i have worked at the PLC.Our hours are different so our paths don't cross.Not any more!!!!

She was wearing an all in one black trouser suit which showed off her well proportioned ripe melons.

I was reading a magazine which she snatched out of my hand playfully and started a conversation about gossip magazines and how she hated celebrities.

The only other person in the staff room was the Giraffe who seems permanently depressed and doesn't talk anyway apart from grunting noises.

The sex bomb started to change in front of me whilst attempting to slip her official pink tight PLC t-shirt under her top.

"If you are shy you should maybe change in the toilet" i chortled.
"I am ok changing here and i'm not shy" she replied.

So,an interesting first communication between us.She is very close to Sandy Gall bags and probably doesn't know i'm married.

I have a few tales about her.Rasta boy reckons he's been trying but hasn't made any progress and the albino took her number but failed to meet her for a coffee in Tottenham.She allegedly told rasta boy recently that she needs sex!!

Albino thinks she is a tease.When i reached the unit to start my shift the Algerian was clearing out all the Richard and Judy book club promotional material and kicking it along the concourse.After 1 day the club had been ditched and all the books returned whence they came.He was furious and what's more when Judy was questioned on their show that morning where the launch had taken place she didn't know!!

Yet again the unit was a complete mess probably due to the fact that the queen doesn't work on Friday mornings and i haven't been in to get the place organised.

It was mainly till work and sales of Tony Blair's new book were quite brisk.It was reduced to £12.50 from £25 within 24 hours of the launch.I noticed its mainly foreigners buying the book who appear more interested in it than the Brits.

There were a few attractive women but i was making plans in my head all shift for life instead of university.I worked with the anorexic kitchen sink for 2 hours.Yesterday she was doubled over with PMT pain and at one stage went pale and nearly collapsed.

The sex bomb surfaced to cash up and has a mouth like a sewer.She likes using expletives which quite frankly makes a woman very unattractive no matter how they look.
Her parting comment was "Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow".

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