Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The aftermath of Jihad

Wednesday 29th September 2010.6am-12pm

We were mob handed this morning and its very noticeable how all the staff are more relaxed in the Algerian's absence.The job is still being done properly but with a smile on our faces.

The queen has assumed the mantle of stand in supervisor and is revelling in his new found responsibility.I was the thicko's again but i suppose i can just about stomach it.

Since the king has left,his ex-assistant has made herself scarce.I haven't seen her on any of the shop floors,she has gone underground.I assume she must be getting all the paperwork in order before the new man arrives next Monday.

The rumours are still flying around about the new Muslim manager and basically they are all negative and apparently he is a complete bastard.I'm looking forward to it.

I let off some excess resentment about yesterday's show down with the rotweiller and totally ignored him when he walked past me today.This clique is doing my swede in and i am going to try and infiltrate it.I know i'm the wrong colour and religion but i need to see for myself if they are racist bigots.

The action on the floor was ok and there were the usual mixture of weird and wondeful punters.There was a punter who refused to pay the 1p charge for a plastic bag and left all his proposed purchase on the till and stormed off.The Yanks are the most friendly and the Daily Mail readers are the most surly.

The FT readers can be imposing and the gossip readers are always the same.Dressed in Topshop clobber and heavily made up.I played another joke on the actor which he fell for.He is a closet racist and i am now finding out more about his family background.

His father is Srbian and was a chef at the North Middlesex Hospital for 15 years until he developed arthritis.His Mum is a fiery Scot who works in retail on Oxford Street and the punchline is that he is an only child like myself.

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