Sunday, 3 October 2010

Weekend travellers.

Friday 1st October 2010.6am-12pm

Its the final day of the week and also the final day of peace from the Algerian's absence.

When we arrived this morning the state of the unit was abysmal.There is an unwritten
rule whereby the evening staff leave the unit in a satisfactory state for the following morning.

Instead,they had left 3 empty skips behind the till and lots of products which should have been returned to the shelves.At 6am in the morning it immediately puts you on the back foot because we're always behind the 8 ball.

Slow Somalian and I salvaged the situation with some hard graft and turned it around.In the queen's absence i ran the show and co-ordinated breaks and delegated duties.This job is very easy but made difficult by incompetent staff.

The ex-king's assistant once again remained in her office today and is probably pooing her pants in expectation of the new Iman starting on Monday.

She told me that there is plenty of work available next week if i want it but i declined the invitation and stuck to my usual 24 hours which is more than enough.

I had a dream about Sandy Gall bags.We were crouching next to the travel adaptor section and she stroked my leg and i responded by touching her bottom!!
Fortunately,it didn't go further than that.

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