Saturday, 16 October 2010

Staff illness

15th October 2010.

Upon arrival i was greeted by the albino,the slow Somalian and the recently married Bangla cricketer whose wife will be joining him in a few months.

The female Terry Thomas called in ill,probably the anaemia she suffers from.When one person calls in sick there begins a domino effect which causes absolute chaos.There is no room for manouevre so i was on the till for the whole shift which felt a bit odd.I thought i may as well go for it on the TPS and see what weekend women were keen.

I have realised that the teenage girls are the most friendly but more through innocence rather than wanting to play ball.The Gok Wan crew were present with their eating disorders and over the top make up.

I hit on a 17 year old with massive boobs who was blushing as i was talking to her.She was going to Paris for a 5 day exchange trip and could possibly lose her virginity to a greasy smooth talking frog.

Of course the Algerian was fuming and had made the stubby Muslim come in at 8am even though she had a heavy cold.Unfortunately,i had to work with her and hope that i didn't catch her lurgy.She kept on sitting down on a pile of Daily Telegraph's behind the till because of the lurgy.

The Algerian had to do till work and was angry and the complete lack of justice in the world.The other scandal was the late arrival of the rotweiller.The Imman's assistant showed her anger very subtly when she told me that he hadn't even called in sick.She crouched behind our section to sort out the cash counters and i accidentally on purpose touched her bottom.
She's so cold emotionally she didn't even flinch.

The rotweiller surfaced about an hour late and he was pacing up and down sheepishly.His snarl was replaced with a whimper.I took pleasure in seeing him scared.

The highlight of the day was seeing my old school mate for a drink after work.I hadn't seen him in 21 years.

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