Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The scrubber has a meltdown

Wednesday 13th October 2010.6am-12pm

The visit by the area manager didn't happen yesterday,surprise surprise.
When i was in the office listening to the Algerian bollocking the Asian who has been at the PLC for 25 years,i noticed a calendar on the wall which clearly stated that the well fed bloke was coming today.

Lo and behold at 7.45pm he rolled in with his 3 piece tight suit and was very jolly and polite.He made it in before the Imman and the other supervisors.Of course when the Algerian got wind of his arrival he turned into an alien.He started running around the station barking out orders and generally making a fool of himself.
I considered telling him about the treatment of the staff and my contract issues but there was no time.I was running about like a nutter today.Several cage trips and numerous phone calls from the Algerian.

Ginger was with me for a bit so we had our usual piss taking session which the slow Somalian tried to get involved with.

The next paragraph is attributed to my good mate Ginger.He was working with the cockney scrubber in the large unit when all of a sudden she started crying and shrieking.Furthermore,she sat on the floor behind the till and suffered a breakdown over the workload.Strange really,because earlier in the day she told me that retail is a serious career for her and its a bit early for her to be applying for supervisory roles.

The breakdown occured in full view of the punters and staff.Apparently the black MILF consoled her and put her arm around her in much the same way a Dad holds his child if they have been upset.

It will be interesting to see how this incident will be viewed by the Imman.It could be the end of her promising retail career.
The feedback from my property consultancy meeting has been very encouraging so watch this space.

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