Monday, 11 October 2010

Contract Negotiations

Monday 11th October 2010.6am-12pm

I only served about 3 punters today becasue the queen went to another unit and i ran the show whilst the Algerian was supervising another unit.

The actor was back from Norwich and the slow Somalian completed the line up.
My objective for the day was to facilitate a permanent contract from the Imman.

Instead it was the Imman's assistant,who has a raking cough,printed off the entire availablity of permanent shifts.There are 11 permanent shifts available including a supervisors role.All the lads were asking me if i will apply for a supervisors position.If they paid £20/hour then i would think about it.

Tonight i will digest the shifts with her in doors and let them know tomorrow.Today,i prepared a pick and distributed all the items and apparently the well fed area manager will be inspecting tomorrow which is always a laugh.

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