Tuesday, 19 October 2010

First chat with the Imman

Monday 18th October and Tuesday 19th October 2010.

The beginning of a new week and greeted by the Algerian surrounded by hundreds of magazines and feeling grumpy.

On Monday's the 2 magazine night geezers have a day off.The queen is away for 2 weeks and the slow Somalian is also away this week.I found this out when i arrived at 6am.So,the original slow boy attacked the papers with relish and somehow got 2 units open on our own.Normally,this would take 4 staff.

We had to open one of the units 1 hour late.They haven't covered the queen's shifts which is a subtle money saving exercise.

I made a decision to give them an ultimatum about my new hours and contract.They just keep you hanging on like a dog so i played them at their own game.

I collared the Imman in his office and demanded he gives me some time to discuss matters.I told them that if they don't give me a new contract at 3 days/week this week then i will leave.After a 15 minute chat about the legality of working without a contract he still hadn't asked me my name!! As i left the office i told him my name and suggested he wrote it down.

Surprise surprise his assistant found me deep in the bowels of the stock room and told me to come to the office after my shift to sign the new contract.Its a shame but the only language they understand is agressive and confrontational.

It looks like there are 2 new Asian muslims starting and one of them is in the full regalia.There was a young attractive mixed race girl who worked with us for 2 hours but sadly she's going to another station.Shame she had potential.

The major bombshell of the day was that ginger has found out that the cockney scrubber is Jewish!!!!!!!!!!!

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