Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ginger and I

Friday 8th October 2010.6am-12pm

Big bust up with the missus last night and there are some big decisions to be made regarding working in this place.Quite simply if my wife is going to successfully achieve her goal of becoming a cabbie then she needs as much time as possible to study.

Friday's are always interesting beacuse the weekend travellers are a mixed bunch but the women are normally attached and their boyfriends hover in the corners keeping an eye on them.They are so insecure they are worried about unscrupulous till assistants chatting them up.

The queen has started working Friday's abd every time a black woman with a large booty walks past he points her out to me.

Terry Thomas was present for an hour and i played a trick on her.She hasn't met the Imman yet and i told her that he does his rounds between 8am-8.30am every morning.She was about to go to the toilet and wash her hands when i told her that the Imman is on his way.Her face dropped and she looked like she was about to shit herself.The power of the management over most of these staff is frightening.

Ginger came on board and as usual we had a good laugh taking the piss out of all the punters.He reckons Guardian readers and the most friendly and the rudest are Daily Mail readers.

There was an incident with a 60 ish year old trumped up bitch that resulted in me crushing the life out of her.I was helping a French couple with directions and it must have taken a few minutes.When they paid for their map a grey haired blue blooded female toff started criticising me for taking too long to get the queue moving.

That was it,i told her that "people like you complain if we don't offer service and when we do you don't like it".

I hadn't finished with her "i knew you would be like this,its written all over your face".

Crushed into a pulp.The ginger was listening intently and it felt good to release some anger on a woman like that.The Imman eventually did the rounds and i still haven't spoken to him.

The assistant manager from Paperchase is proving difficult to engage with even though she has potential.The last 2 days i have noticed the slim blonde arriving for work when i leave.She is very attractive.

Still no permanent contract in place but i think on Monday i will tell them that i only want 2 shifts a week before my sanity is threatened.

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