Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Another file note.

6th July 2010.8am - 4pm

Arrived early and was greeted by The Algerian.Still don't know what to make of this bloke.However,i know that i have to be very careful because he is friendly when he wants something and a moody sod when he doesn't get his own way.Sounds like a lot of people i know.

I was given a whole unit on my own between 8am and 11am.Imagine it i've been there 5 weeks and they give me a whole unit with thousands of pounds worth of stock all to myself.
For the first time in detected friction between the King and The Algerian.The King and his trustworthy assistant came to check up on me and The Algerian happened to be there as well also checking the unit.There is no communication between the management.
The Algerian snarled at the King and his assistant when there backs were turned.Its the sort of behaviour my 5 year old son enjoys.He is just so unrefined,i don't know how he's held this job down.He is unshaven most days and is very agressive.

After 3 hours of doing hardly any work because there are no customers i was relieved of my duties by one of the ill mannered black females who don't know how to behave.This one in particular is most obnoxious and grunts rather than talks.

Back down to the usual unit and immediately felt better on seeing the French queen who had returned from Belgium.Apparently,they wouldn't let him have 2 consecutive weeks holiday because they were too busy!!
Outrageous i thought,this guy work his balls off for the PLC and they call him back early.
It was me and actor Dave on the tills before he was summoned for book work.Whe he is under pressure he makes this groaning sound under his breath and suddenly looks extremely worried.The queen told me that actor Dave still lives with his mother and if he get shome late from work she tells him off.He is scared of The Algerian and he allows himself to be abused by The Algerian.If he hasn't completed a task he will happily stay on for no overtime to avoid incurring the wrath of The Algerian.

I spotted a dark haired woman wearing a revealing top yawning in the queue.I thought this is a golden opportunity to see how far i can go.As she approached the till i opened up with,"So,you had a late night did you?"
"Yes,and i'm 2 hours late for work" she giggled
"Will you get into trouble?" i enquired.
"No,i am the boss" she said with pride.
I couldn't take my eyes off her chest, they were bursting from her low cut top and she knew i was having trouble concentrating.
"Why did you have a late night" i continued.
"I won a new client and went out to celebrate" she added.
As she walked out of the unit and walked past the window she smiled and i waved to her.Off she went into the throng.The queen was smiling next to the fridge having watched the whole scene unfold.He winked at me and asked me if i took her number and called me a player.I told him that i'm married and it's just a game.

Rasta boy arrived,he's the only one who knows what i'm doing and has started speaking in the codenames.He reckons one of the punters has arranged an informal interview with him on Thursday at 6pm because he is interested in employing him for a sales business.I gave him some advice regarding the informal interview and what questions to ask him.

Another file note from The Algerian.He asked me to sign it,i told him i only sign things i read properly.I purposely read the short document over and over again to get his back up.That's my 3rd file note in a week and he gets some kind of power trip from handing these file notes out.They dish them out like confetti.
Rasta boy reckons 3 file notes equals a disciplinary.

I made arrangemenst to meet large Indian unit at 4pm after we finish our shifts to discuss the contracts and wage issues.

Fat Indian bird arrived and wasn't sweating.We discussed the file notes and she came up with some good ideas about incentivising the staff to sell the TPS and reward them with money.Of course it will never happen.

My covert meeting with large Indian unit took place and he is cutting his own hours in protest at the wages fiasco.Unfortunately,his best mate the slim Indian cricketer,who found him the job,has shown hsi true side.He found the big unit this job but they didn't discuss the contractual situation.Needless to say they have now fallen out and won't even play in the same cricket team.That is the ultimate insult within the Asian community.

"Don't mix business with pleasure" i stated.
"What does that mean?" he enquired.

I told him and he looked crestfallen.

We talked briefly about Bollywood princess,who i noticed has started wearing

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