Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Seb Coe and Boris Johnson

Tuesday 27th July 2010.6am-2pm

At last back to work with a real shift.A brisk 30 minute walk to work on a pleasant summer's morning in the sprawling metropolis.

In the staff room was a fringe member of the Pakistani mafia looking unwell.I asked him if he was ok and he said he was suffering from a heavy cold.He also has a pair of woollen gloves like the French queen does.These are clearly a standard requirement for cage duties.

I was sent to my home unit,the one where i cut my teeth and learnt the trade from some of the best operators in the business.Normally,there would be 3 of us in there until at least 1pm.

It was the French queen and myself.He is good fun and is definitely not gay.He met a 21 year old Cameroonian girl whilst on holiday recently and he is 38 years old.

There had been lots of activity in the station with high profile security and hundreds of people with branded T shirts.

Today was a special day because its 2 years until the Olympic opening ceremony and we had the privilege of being the site of the first official London 2012 shop in the UK.The big names arrived and the crowds gathered,the press pack was cosmopolitan with journalists from all over the world.

Being the closest retail unit to the main event it was chaotic all morning.It was interesting speaking to a representative from the biggest junk food pusher in the world.They really believe that they are untouchable and without their cash there would be no London Olympics.

I just can't understand how the two can work together.One is trying to promote sport for all and the other is selling junk food.The Algerian was supervising us as usual because he's always on the early shifts.

I remarked how tired he looked and he hadn't got to sleep until 1am for a 5am start.He was unshaven,podgy and with a slight jaundice colour to his Algerian cheeks.

We battled on with the occasional assistance from actor Dave who was gormless as usual.Everyone just uses him as a runner.At one stage the French queen had him running upstairs to get some London maps for a middle aged ugly French madam who had already bought an A-Z.He came back with the wrong maps.I feel sorry for the actor because he is seriously gormless and doesn't know when people are abusing him.

I didn't have a break until midday and by then I was Hank Marvin.The Boots meal deal soothed my hunger and i am now becoming well known by the predominately Asian staff at Boots.

I spent the last hour in the big unit with the Cockney scrubber who was feeling the pressure.She was livid when the troubleshooter told her to get on a till during a busy period.

In her usual uncouth manner she started mouthing off whilst serving customers and talking to me at the same time,"He's got a bloody cheek asking me to get on a till whilst i was doing the books" she shouted.
"He saw the queue,why didn't he get on a till" she continued loudly.This is all taking place with a huge snake of a queue in front of us with the punters looking at their watches.

At 2pm it's the big change over.All the early birds clock off and the new shift members appear.Sandy Gall bags was there and she told me briefly about her caravan holiday in Mercia Island near Colchester.The slim Indian cricketer was being slippery and the Noel Clarke extra was starting a shift complaining of food poisoning courtesy of a "rogue take away in Manor Park".

Same shift tomorrow,bring it on.

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