Thursday, 8 July 2010

Shelf stacking and The Romeo

7th July 2010.4pm-10pm

An unusual shift because i arrived having already been up since 6am.This place goes from one extreme to the other.On Monday there were no staff and today there are too many.The supervisors don't even know who is working.When i was greeted by the slim Indian cricketer he was shocked to see me.

However,i was immediately summoned to cage work which is always fun when the station is packed and you have to manoeuvre it through all the people.I pretend i'm Nigel Mansell and try not to crash into elderly people with sticks.

The first duty was magazine distribution which means i can have a subtle flick through all the women's gossip magazines and read about Jordan,Jordan,Jordan and Jordan.I don't know how she does it but she must have a great team behind her to keep her in the public eye regularly.
Then the distribution of drinks into the fridge which doesn't work.The punters pay £1.65 for a bottle of warm mineral water,according to Fat Indian bird its been broken for 3 months.Rasta boy was there,i told him his codename and he took it on the chin.

The guy who claimed he wanted to see rasta boy for an interview turned up.He was a clinically obese white male of about 35 who had sweat seeping through his t shirt.
"Come to the Hilton Metropole at 7pm" he gasped.
"Ok see you there" rasta boy replied

He asked my opinion and i thought it sounded like pyramid marketing.Rasta boy doesn't even know what he's going there for.Shame but he needs a good kick up the rectum.

The rest of the evening was spent in the big unit making lists and stacking shelves.I played games with myself to see how many chocolate bars i can hold in one hand and how quickly i can fill a shelf with Kit Kat's.Absolutely mentally stimulating!!

Thank g-d for The Romeo.I had been told about this character and his way with the women punters but had never seen him in action.
He is a 30-35 year old dark skinned Frenchman with glasses and a perm.
He talks to every woman he serves and comes out with incredible lines,i believe just to make them buy TPS (till point sales).

"What shampoo and hair conditioner do you use" he asked an attractive lady in her early 30's.
After a 20 second silence caused by shock she replied "Charles Worthington"
"I thought so it makes your hair look beautiful" he responded,with a twinkle in his eye.
He didn't care whether they were fat,thin,ugly or beautiful on he went.The queue's were building because of the time it took to serve the punters.The slim Indian cricketer was getting as annoyed as he can which isn't very visible.
"Tell the romeo to stop talking and just serve" he mumbled.
"Are you playing cricket this weekend" he enquired.
"Yes,Abbotts Langley" i replied.
"I always get a 50 against the team we're playing on Sunday" he countered proudly.

Bollywood princess was on the tills all night and was immaculately attired as usual but her nail varnish was chipped.She wasn't her usual bubbly self,i think she may have depression issues and that's the reason why she pulled out of her Paramedic degree this year.She warmed up towards the end of the evening and asked me how i got on at the Arsenal interview.
10 minutes before closing time she purchased 3 giant bars of Aero and 2 bags of fizzy Haribo's.
"That's healthy" i said.
"If i could i would melt all this chocolate and pour it over my head" she answered.

So,another shift complete in this melting pot of different characters all thrown together with one common goal,to sell TPS and get no incentive for it.

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  1. Nigel Mansell - you are showing your age!