Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The White Algerian

Tuesday 20th July 2010.8am-12pm

Its my first day of the week at work and because of the severe reduction of hours,the wind has been taken out of my sails.

The Algerian,who was supervising all units on his own,sent me to the small unit which is like being sent to detention.

Nothing happens and when it does its a 10 minute flurry of activity.I didn't bother with TPS because there's no point.I don't benefit financially only the King and his assistant will.I was already planning what to say to the King's assistant about the hours when the Algerian summoned me to my usual berth.

I would be working with the white Algerian who has severe facial ticks.He is a player and has allegedly taken phone numbers from unattached female punters,who admittedly must be desperate.We analysed every nationality of punter and discussed the chances of "pulling" one of them.We both agreed that French women are comfortable
with their sexuality and American girls are the most gullible.

He reads The Sun newspaper whilst waiting for punters and is a decent bloke.
Nothing eventful happened on the tills so at midday I asked for an audience with the King's assistant.

She is the most ruthless woman in business that i have ever dealt with and in property i dealt with a few hard nosed females.To survive in retail management as a woman you've got to have big cahunas.

I confronted her about the reduction in hours and she swatted me away like a school child in Year 1.She quoted the terms of the contract and I countered with "i have mouths to feed and will this be the position for the rest of the summer?"

"We will give you as many hours as we can depending on costings and availability of shifts" she said.
I requested next weeks hours and its back to 30 hours but i can see i'm in for a rollercoaster ride for the next few weeks.

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