Friday, 9 July 2010

Working with The Legend

Friday 9th July 2010.8am-4pm

Spiritually refreshed but tired after a couple of drinks with City boy and the jeweller.

Entered the luxury staff room to find The Algerian studiously studying the paper delivery sheets and talking out aloud.He has to really concentrate on this so i wolf my pan au raisin and he tells me you're in the big unit.That's a result because all the main protagonists ply their trade in there.

The cockney scrubber is away for a few days so its me and The Legend until 2pm.I was determined to get into the mind of The Legend and find out what makes him tick.

Its always really busy on Friday's and according to the King's assistant it will get even busier when the kids break up for summer holidays at the end of next week.

The Legend carries his own pair of scissors and sellotape in case of emergencies.Slow boy was hovering around and still doesn't know my name after 6 weeks.

"Where have you worked before?" i enquired
"I worked for Pizza Hut when they first opened in London" he replied
"How long for?" i asked
"18 years at the branch in London,that was when overtime was available on an unlimited basis until Maggie stopped it" he continued.
"They would ask me how many hours a week do you want and i'd say 100 hours please, of which half of that was time and a half and sometimes double time" he added.

I was just about to get down to the nitty gritty when a huge queue appeared out of nowhere.I was on good form today and was hitting on the ladies in a big way and it was yielding good TPS results.I don't want anymore file notes just in case they tell me they've had enough.

There is this slim blonde,who could be Italian,that i have seen before.She is flat chested but sweet.We engaged in conversation:

"I've seen you here before" i enquired
"Yes,i work at XXXX" she answered
"That's a strange name for a clothes shop" i continued
"Why don't you pop in and have a look at the clothes" she dared.
"What time do you finish today?" i said
"5.30pm and you?" she winked
"4pm" i concluded.

Its clear what is emerging here.There are a lot of people who work in this station and they are all so pressured working in this environment that they're all up for a laugh.I may visit the clothes shop next week.

I splashed out on a meal deal for lunch.A member of staff i had a run in with a while back was also problematic today.I responded very aggressively to a question and then told her to get some manners.I need to look at this behaviour.

Back with The Legend for his final hour and his latest ruse with the punters to achieve sales is that he's diabetic.
"I'm diabetic but eat more chocolate than anyone" he said to a disbelieving punter.

Another new bloke on the block and guess what? Its another Asian male and because of my 6 weeks experience the slim Indian cricketer handed him over to me and told the new bod "Watch him he is a great example of customer service skills"
Glad to see that all that money my Dad paid on school fees came to something.He reckons he's a DJ and producer and is easing his way back into the workplace afer a year out.Basically,another member of the microwave generation.He short changed a couple of punters pleading ignorance.Not so sure DJ!!

The black BBW surfaced and i like it when she arrives because she spends the first 30 minutes of her shift tidying up and preparing for battle until the end of the evening.I took interest in her driving lessons and she passed her theory test this week.She lives in Hackney and is one of those sales assistants who is rude and unhelpful who if the boot was on the other foot i would want to throttle her.

She was surprised when she found out i was married with kids.Oh no i hope she doesn't think she was in with a shout!!

The slim Indian cricketer wants to get his kid into a football coaching set up in Ilford.I happen top know a coach over there so i told him i would give him a number on Monday.
Sandy Gall bags is away for 2 weeks.

4pm home time and out into the furnace.

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