Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday mayhem

2nd July 2010.8am - 4pm

Spiritually and physically refreshed after having Thursday off but another neck spasm is causing physical difficulties.

Straight into the big unit expecting to see The Legend and the Cockney scrubber.Instead greeted by slow boy and the scrubber.

"Where's the legend?" i said
"He came in yesterday and the PLC told him to have 2 days holiday" the scrubber shouted.
"You mean he doesn't request his own holiday dates?" i replied.
"That's right he only stays at home and watches TV on his days off" she responded.

Unbelievable i thought.He doesn't even arrange proper annual leave and what's more the PLC decide your leave days if you don't apply for any holiday leave.

So,slow boy was with us until 10am but he hates the tills because he is mentally slow and can't handle the pace.So,its me and the Cockney scrubber for the whole day,bring it on I thought.

Fridays are notoriously hard,weekend travellers kids on holiday and couples taking romantic trips away.The scrubber is very loud and will suddenly pass ridiculous comments whilst serving customers,"I have to go for a break slow boy was supposed to come back at 11am" she bellowed.
"It looks like its you and me today so lets get on with it" i replied.

The queues were continuous i really pushed the TPS (till point sales) even though i know that the chocolate sales would be very tough.The chewing gum and fruitellas went well especially to American girls with braces on their teeth and clinically obese women.

The Algerian was under pressure due to lack of staff.They are intentionally keeping staffing levels low to maximise profit margins even though we need more staff.
He was unshaven and sweating profusely from his brow.At one point i asked him if he was ok.He'd had a 45 minute conference call probably with head office and i could tell his head was spinning.I have to give him credit because he just keeps it going and holds it down well.A couple of days ago i found out that he is in a relationship with the black BBW whose brother died whilst she was working.Now that is a shocker.

The Algerian is about 5'4 with a beer gut and looks like an associate of Yasser Arafat.She is about 5'0 with a pair of Bristols like Tina Small (ex Sunday Sport model).Put it this way she could bury him between them.

A brief mention must be made of the other Algerians who were introduced to the PLC by The Algerian.They both do the magazines and one of them is very white for an Algerian and suffers from a disturbing tick in his face where he twists his mouth and closes his eyes when he speaks and it happens every 10 seconds.The other one who had already been discussed as the "hardcore" Algerian who always looks asleep, resembles one of the prison guards in Midnight Express.

I was flying and its becoming very obvious to me that i only talk to attractive females aged 18-45.I ignore everyone else,my French is coming along nicely and had been creating a good impression with the Madmoiselles.

Train spotting is alive and well in the UK,we do a roaring trade in the weekly train publications and the stereotypical tarin spotter is changing and younger men with ponytails are getting in on the act.
The GAY mags went very well today and some of the punters present the mags face down so as not to be outed.I always turn them over and make sure when they pay they are in full view of everyone!!

The slim Indian cricketer was in as usual and he is very calm and never gets flustered.The king spent a lot of time with him today and when he has finished with the King he always comes back in and says " Can you do me a favour i need you to do this..."

All the Asians and non English speakers always start off sentences that way.They are our superiors so why are we doing them a favour?

No sign of the Indian boss or Bollywood Princess.The cockney scrubber and i are becoming good work colleagues thanks to my outburst a while back.
Gay boy turned up for the final 2 hours and before he settled into his impressive TPS positioning i made him clear all the rubbish out because the collection hadn't occured.One of my highlights was a man with learning difficulties walk over to the till with a huge Happy Birthday badge on his lapel.I made an effort to engage with him and wished him Happy Birthday.His carer winked at me and whispered thank you.2 hours later he came back because "he loves shopping here" the carer stated.

4pm was here and i walked out into the summer heat.

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