Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Delivery Man

Tuesday 24th August 2010.6am - 2pm

After helping 2 Polish ladies with their luggage i joined up with the queen again who had a body building magazine on the counter.He reckons he will join a gym and have the discipline to gain muscle definition.

At 10am the call came through that i would be handling the deliveries again.I had to keep the rotweiller in check because he is treating me like his "dog" and i won't allow that.

He is impressed at my work ethic because he has "never seen a white man work hard before".Interesting observation but maybe that's why there are only 2 white males working in this place.

There were 21 cages to be distributed in the stock room.The rotweiller was implying that i should be able to complete all of them.

Not a chance there is simply too much to do and he even had the nerve to ask me to stay late and complete the job.I managed 17 cage and more importantly tidied up the stock room as well as pile items in the correct way.

Bloody hard work but cheaper than going to the gym and as beneficial for my forearms.

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