Monday, 2 August 2010

Return of the King

Monday August 2nd 2010.6am - 2pm

Cheated on my way in to work by catching a bus half way.I was just too tired after yesterday's cricket and a late meal with my son at The Bengal Lancer.

It's starting to get darker in the mornings which means that summer is already drawing to a close.

Some of the Pakistani mafia were on the early shift today along with the Algerian albino,French Queen,dense Somalian and The Algerian.

I somehow ended up dealing with the newspapers which involves counting them and placing them on the relevant racks.Once they are counted the number of copies are recorded and this information is given to The Algerian and this sheet is known as a "Blind Copy".

The big unit opens at 7am at which time i was joined by the Cockney Scrubber.We actually work very well together and when she starts getting bolshy i slap her down by calling her "Boss".She hates this because she knows i'm taking the piss out of her controlling behaviour.

Once again it was relentless and at times bordering on insanity.2 employees have to keep a huge retail unit running smoothly and replenishing stock as well as maintaining customer service.The King's assistant is on leave for 3 weeks and the gossip is that the operations manager is on sick leave caused by stress in the workplace.

So,the King returned after 2 weeks leave and his complete lack of respect for his staff hasn't diminished.I must have walked past him at least 4 times and he didn't even acknowledge me,not so much as a nod of the head.

At one point I was with the French queen in the stock room and he didn't even communicate with him and he's been at the PLC 2 years.I have never come across someone in a position of authority show such lack of respect for his workers as this bloke.No wonder motivation in this place is on the floor.

Bollywood phoned in sick which means that they are 1 down in the big unit when i leave at 2pm.I was hoping to see the the flat chested blonde today but there was no sign of her.

The Cockney Scrubber and I ploughed on regardless and did a very good job dealing with the vast numbers of punters and keeping our head above water.

My French is improving and there were the usual bevvy of attractive French females and the usual mixture of moody English women who refused to enter into conversations.

Another crazy part of this job is that some customers blame us for being late for their trains.They turn aggressive in the queue and start looking at their watches.When they arrive at the till they avoid eye contact and punch their pin numbers furiously into the machine.Sometimes they might say,"I haven't got time for this,i have a train to catch".

The early shifts fly by and before i knew it, 2pm was here and out I went into the daylight.

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