Friday, 13 August 2010

Turning up for work at the wrong time.

Friday 13th August 6am - 2pm

The first task of the day was to persuade the Sri Lankan cricketer not to send me home at 6.10am.I arrived for work at 6am but was informed that my shift was supposed to be 10am - 4pm.

Not a good start but he was sympathetic to my mistake and allowed me to stay.This meant that we were over staffed and The Algerian wasn't in today which was a result.
I worked with Ginger for a couple of hours and we had a good laugh even though he took time to warm up.

A sweet blonde turned up and requested a Lipsalve at 6.30am.This was a perfect opportunity to work the magic.
"We have 3 flavours which one would you like?" i replied.
"Can you show them to me please" she answered.
I laid out the strawberry,natural,and lemon flavours in front of her.

"Your lips don't look dry in fact they look nice and moist" i countered.
She burst out laughing and started blushing.
"The other thing you will have to consider is the price,that will shock you" i continued.

By this stage she had transformed from a tired looking woman to someone who had been invigorated by laughing.
She purchased the Lemon flavour and smiled at me fondly as she made her way to Paris.

The female Terry Thomas had arrived and i insisted on Ginger waiting around to hear her fake "Hello's".He departed for the big unit and it was Terry Thomas and I with the albino floating around and twitching profusely.
I did a replenishment but made sure that it was very thorough.

I told the King about the mess up with the hours and he was ok with it and requested i work until 2pm.The usual Friday feeling was present,with most of the punters tucking into TPS.

There was a Scotsman who i tried to encourage to purchase a larger bar of Galaxy for an extra 30p.He refused the offer and took it personally that i tried to help him achieve value for money.He commented "that it wasn't the first time he had been away with his family".Strange!!

Terry Thomas kept on going to the toilet to wash her hands every 20 minutes which is very suspicious.

I stayed an extra 20 minutes because of the guilt i felt at turning up for work too early.Have the weekend off.

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