Thursday, 12 August 2010


Thursday 12th August 2010.6am - 12pm

Spritually refreshed from H & I service,i arrived 30 minutes early and just sat down outside the station watching the sprawling metropolis come to life.

Ramadan started yesterday so both Algerians are partaking and when i saw the Algerian's face at 6.20am i knew this was going to be a tough day.

I held all the punters at bay until 7am,when the albino Algerian with the facial ticks surfaced.

He is a big unit and a smoker so appears to be really suffering with the fasting.
I was feeling resentful towards the Algerian today,maybe its the cultural differences surfacing again.

I volunteered to do the replenishment in order to give the albino a breather due to his lack of solids.Admittedly,it was a sparse list i prepared and it lacked my usual precision.

When i arrived back at the unit the albino took a phone call from the Algerian.The contents of the call are vague but basically he saw me arrive with the cage and it was a "crap pick" according to the albino.

That was it, i was furious at the Algerian telling the albino that it was a "crap pick".When he arrived in the unit he stood in the middle and looked in an exagerated manner at all the shelvesd with an angry look on his face.

"Why don't you be a man and tell me to my face it was a "crap pick" i began.
"Hold on a minute,i am a man and i'm not scared of you" he replied eyeball to eyeball.
We continued outside the unit and i told him that if he has a problem he should speak to me directly not his fellow Arab.

It was now getting personal and i realised i needed to rein this in otherwise i could get sacked on the spot.
"I asked the albino to do the pick and he failed to carry out the instructions.He was asked to do it because you have never done a pick in this unit before" he replied.
"I'm sorry for being rude to you but i didn't know you asked him to do it" i countered sheepishly.
That was that end of story but i was pleased that i stood up for myself because he does bully a lot of staff and i've laid a marker down now.At the same time,i felt him watching me closely for the rest of the shift,looking for ways to have me over.

The cash office rotweiller is back from Bangladesh and he is upto his usual rude tricks like not saying hello when he walks past.The king was interviewing staff this morning who were mainly Asian.I was listening to his interview techniques whilst pretending to work on some stock near his offices.He was coming out with complete bullshit and telling the poor buggers that training is really important to the company.

His assistant is still away but when i was in the office speaking to the King about my hours he was on the phone to her berating her for making a mistake with the rota.
He was calling her "mate".

Rasta boy was late again,they let him cruise in 15 minutes late every day without disciplinary action.

Big day ahead after work to deal with the Lithuanian decorators who i'm worried will shaft me.

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