Sunday, 29 August 2010

The end of full time work.

Friday 27th August 2010.6am - 2pm

Fortunately its the final early shift of the week.I wrote a note in the management diary telling the king's assistant i can't work any early shifts next week and i would like to reduce my hours.

I expected it to be very busy today because its bank holiday and there are lots of sporting events going on over the weekend.

The new Islamic girl who does the papers from 5am couldn't open the cage so subsequently we were running late.Slow boy arrived to help her out and she has realised that no matter how desperate she is for a job she can't shlepp bundles of heavy newspapers around.

Actor Dave was present again today for his usual 8am -12pm shift.Even though he has began to come out of his shell he is reactive rather than proactive.For example,I told him to phone the rotweiller and order some more cash because the next person will run out of change very quickly.His repsonse was,"i'm finishing at 12 so they can deal with it".
Another incident involved the new tobacco stock.He stood next to the skip full of tobacco and ignored it knowing full well that it needed to be displayed asap.

The Algerian relaxes slightly on Friday's because he has 2 days off and presumably just sleeps and tries to pick up large breasted black girls.

It was all hands to the pump with hundreds of eager travellers hungry and thirsty.
A cleaner from the station requested a phone top up but was rude and ill mannered.I told her to show some respect and i'm not her "lackey".In reality that's how low i've fallen this summer.Of course not in reality but how we are perceived by the general public.A large percentage of punters are unwilling to engage in banter especially the women who think they have the looks of models.In reality these women have the personality of ants.

I was hoping that the stunning French woman with the great teeth turned up but i haven't even seen the flat chested blonde for a while.

My break this week has coincided with the Legend and he arrives in the staff room aka le shit hole with the Sun,Star and Mirror newspapers.All he does is talk non stop when i'm trying to read quietly something a little more highbrow.He is a classic blinkered football fan.He hates every manager,every team and every player except the Gooners.He refuses to admit that Arsenal need to toughen up and reckons Jose Mourhino is a crap manager who will only win trophies with pots of cash.

He is partial to a 50p accumulator at the weekends and he claims he just missed out on a win last weekend but the Benfica result didn't go his way.I felt like telling him to shut up and shove those custard tarts up his you know what.

I suppose i will miss him because my new part time hours won't coincide with his hours.The Algerian reckons slow boy smokes too much and there was a moment today when we looked at each other and burst out laughing when we saw slow boy in action.

This new Asian arrived who thinks he's scarface.He has a knife scar going from his ear to his mouth where he has definitely been shanked.He will work 1 day a week and i don't know how the plc get hold of these staff.They are probably the only people who apply for these menial positions.

I had a quick chat with the king and his assistant before i left and they would like to accomodate me when i start university in 2 weeks time.

Its back to part time hours after the bank holiday.

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