Thursday, 26 August 2010

No man's land and back to the old routine.

Wedneday 25th August 2010.6am-2pm.

2 hours with the queen and 2 hours with the actor.The actor admitted to me that he hates the Algerian and is bearing serious resentments.
I told him that "resentment is the number one offender and kills more alcoholics than anything else".

They made him stay until 1.30pm which is an hour and a half overtime unpaid.He's so scared of speaking up for himself he lets them walk all over him.

I was summoned to the loading bay to commence the unloading of 18 cages full to the brim.Apparently when the Algerian saw the stock arriving he ran away because he didn't want to take responsibility for the paperwork.That sums this place up,everyone passing the buck but eventually there is no one left to pass the buck to.

I cracked on with vigour and i noticed every 20 minutes either the King's assistant or the Algerian would come into the stock room pretending to be busy but actually they were checking up on me.

I called the Algerian's bluff and asked him what he wanted.He pretended to be looking for some stationary and when i confronted him he started leaning on the wall and faking exhaustion.He is maybe tired because of Ramadan and his fat belly isn't being filled as much as he would like.

All they are interested in is how many cages have been done?It's a numbers game a bit like estate agency but the staff are just a number.It was a good physical work out but my neck was starting to hurt.

This stock work is mind numbingly boring and exhausting.After work i then had to collect from the child minder on Hampstead Heath.These early starts are killing me!!

Thursday 26th August 2010.6am-2pm.

Thankfully,my day returned to normal.The delivery was handled by one of the Pakistani mafia and i was free to resume normal duties.

However,there was a catch,I was working with slow boy and the actor.A great deal of patience was required because these 2 characters need spoon feeding all the time.
The Algerian's first request was to ask me to drain the water from the ice cream freezer.He thought toilet paper would soak up a near flood in the freezer!!

I explained that the best course of action is for me tip the freezer at an angle and he collects the excess water using a Costa coffee cup.So we stood there for 10 minutes whilst he collected filthy water from a freezer and tipped it into a refuse sack.At the end of the process i remarked,"its the wrong weather for ice creams".
He smiled wryly.

A stunning French woman purchased a Time Out and some chewing gum.I mistakenly thought she was a tourist but in the space of 2 minutes i had established that she has lived in London for 3 years, resides in Bethnal Green, and her dentist is in Swiss Cottage.
We discussed the Notting Hill carnival but she won't be going this year.She was probably 27 years old with long black hair and great teeth.I have a feeling that she has been in to the unit every day this week but we'll see what happens tomorrow.

After my lunch break i bumped into the Algerian waddling along the station concourse.He had a "till operative" report in his hand and wanted me to sign it.It describes the individual's performance and they give you a lecture of it doesn't look ok.

I took it back to the unit and wrote a paragraph explaining why each operation had been carried out.I knew this would destroy his balance and sure enough when he came to collect the signed document he looked at the comments and said,"I just wanted you to sign it".

Surprise surprise i thought."I have given the management constructive comments and you must understand that we have a voice as well" i commented.

As i was leaving the Scottish nag aka Sandy Gall bags gave me another file note for poor TPS performance.I considered writing a whole spiel but in the end i couldn't be bothered and that,in a nutshell,describes this place.It sucks the life out of you and the staff lose the will to carry on.

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