Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Staff shortage again.

Wednesday 11th August 2010.10am-4pm

Trying to arrange decorators whilst working at the PLC isn't an easy task, in fact its exhausting.

The first duties of the day were "break covering".That means i act as a troubleshooter and relieve staff to allow them to take their breaks.

So first up was my favourite unit where i covered the breaks for the French Queen and the Algerian albino with the severe facial ticks.

Business was steady but when they move you around from unit to unit its difficult to build up any momentum and any TPS enthusiasm.
The Algerian asked me if i could stay an extra 2 hours because Fat Indian bird was ill again.Probably a bad back caused by obesity.

Actor Dave was on the books upstairs making his usual "aaarrrgh" noises and i've noticed he also says "yes" all the time.He answers every question and ends every conversation with a "yes".

I gave him a hand which enabled him to complete his book change without working too late.Every Wednesday he finishes late because The Algerian will give him a bollocking if he fails to complete the task.

Finally,i was sent to the big unit where i was with Bollywood for a while.She is definitely going back to university in January to finish her paramedic degree.

She is going to be measured for her uniform and i passed a comment about how nurses uniform is much nicer.She giggled and then started complaining about her feet again.
Its so refreshing to meet a girl who is so green and naive and not well used like a lot of young women seem to be.

The last hour was spent replenishing the tourist section with London keyrings and St George mini football boot keyrings.

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