Sunday, 1 August 2010

Romeo and Juliet

Saturday 31st July 2010.4pm-10pm

After guzzling a can of Red Bull i strolled into the big unit for another shift at the PLC.The Pakistani mafia were present but subdued.The reason being because the Polish Muslim and the anorexic graduate are on annual leave so they don't have any gangster's molls to show off to.

The Romeo arrived at 5pm and i said to him "Ok,lets see how far we can go with the female punters".
He laughed heartily and we set to work.Without having a laugh it would be mind numbingly boring.The staffing levels didn't seem too bad today and the troubleshooter told me that its the first time he's seen cost cutting on this scale since he joined 2 years ago.

The Romeo is ugly but that is what makes the women fall at his feet.His chutzpah takes them by surprise and they start blushing.

3 blondes approached his till,a MILF with 2 daughters.The mum was very attractive about 40-45 and well toned with a wedding ring.
"Where do you come from ladies" he asked in his heavy French accent.
"Great Yarmouth" the mum replied.
"What country is that?" he ventured.
"Has anyone ever told you your smile is beautiful?" he asked
"Thank you" the mum blushed
"You have already broken my heart madam" he continued
"You're making me blush" she added
"When i make love my heart beats with excitement" he dared

This is an example of the Romeo in action.When they buy TPS he lets out a squeal of excitement and thanks them whole heartedly because he knows his league performance will improve.

Of course,this spurs me on and i found myself asking a slim Pole with Sarah Palin glasses,"Do you have any plans tonight?"
"I'm going to a BBQ tonight" she replied as she walked off with a wiggle of her bottom.

Basically,women respond to flattery in a big way.Its a shame i didn't know this before i was married.All ages,shapes and sizes like to feel wanted.I even managed to sell a box of tea cakes to a teenage madamoiselle just because i asked her name in French.

The time flew by and the Pakistani mafia were talking cricket to me all evening.They all play friendlies and i reckon some of them are quite useful.

The Krispy Kreme doughnuts always sell well at the weekend with punters letting their hair down.A well built and well heeled Eatern Bloc lady purchased 2 boxes of them but we don't have the standard issue carrier bags to put them in.She had luggage as well as a giant hand bag so was fuming.However,i spoke some pigeon Polish and she went on her way.

Towards the end of the evening you get drunk punters and drugged up punters and it can be very amusing.I spent the last 2 hours replenishing the fridges ready for tomorrow's staff.

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