Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Perfect Business

Tuesday 10th August 2010.10am - 4pm

An unusual start time today but needed the lie in after the 6am starts.
The Algerian is in serious physical pain,his back is crumbling under the stress of the job and excess weight but he still soldiers on for his £7.50/hr.I have been trying to help him by suggesting exercises and strengthening techniques.

I was given a skip of paperbacks to distribute in the small unit.Ginger nut was there and he congratulated me on the writing.He is a budding journalist so i took the compliment as genuine.After that menial task and covering his break i was unleashed in the large unit.

That means cockney scrubber and a fringe member of the Pakistani mafia for company.
The mafioso is clueless,he needs to be told what to do every step of the way.When the tills are quiet he stands there doing nothing.The key to running a tight ship is to utilise quiet moments by tidying up behind the tills,preparing a tobacco order,checking the floats in all tills,ensuring the security register is signed.

I ushered him into the unit and forced him into physical graft.He always brings his own gloves.I took over the tills and was in a TPS mood.It's Galaxy,Skittles and Starbursts this week.They are a good combination for easy sales.The obese punters lap them up,its like giving candy to a baby.

The Algerian revealed to me a shocking fact today.The PLC doesn't pay for 95% of the stock.I have always known that newspapers,magazines and books are on sale or return but at the PLC most products are.In fact the suppliers pay us to stock their products.What an incredible business this is.They don't shell out any cash and just sit back and get fat on the sales.

Last month we made £131,00 net profit in our units.Now i know what they discuss in their management meetings.They had one of those today.Sandy Gall bags,the slim Indian cricketer and The Algerian were present.

A bouncy American girl responded enthusiastically to my, "Hi,how are you?"
"I'm fantastic,how are you?" she replied eagerly.
"Do you fancy a Galaxy with your Vogue" i pressed.
"Yes,why not i've got lots of change to spend" she answered foolishly
"I think you could do with a packet of Skittles and a Starburst" i went for the kill.

She was actually attractive in a strange way.Ample bosom,dark hair,early 20's,big booty and child bearing hips.Her personality was attractive.

She was on her way to Paris for 3 days with a friend.The friend purchased some postcards and unfortunately it looked like they could have been a pair of Dick Van Dykes".

The unusual shift time meant that i overlapped with the evening crew including Rasta boy,the DJ,Bollywood Princess,fat Indian bird.

Fat Indian bird had phoned in ill.The supervisors were concerned that they would be short staffed for a change.Then at 2pm i saw her arrive for work with a walk that resembles a hunchback.She had a bad back probably caused by overeating and lack of exercise.The King failed to call her back earlier in the day and therefore made her feel guilty about taking time off.Furthermore,she soldiered on without knowing that they had already replaced her with a last minute stand in.What did she expect? We're just a number with no meaning.

I spent the last 2 hours replenishing the big unit with drinks and sweets.
Off i went to meet the Lithuanian builders at our new abode.

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